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  • ‘Tailor-made for Zion’: Looking at Corey Kispert and others in the upcoming draft

    Improvement is absolutely necessary next season but with a promising young roster and a boat-load of picks via the Anthony Davis trade, the Pelicans have more options to explore on the path to improvement than they have had in a very long time and the 2021 NBA Draft is the first place they can start.

  • Patience is paying off for the Pelicans

    It remains to be seen if consistency will be sustainable for the rest of the season but the ability to practice patience and not panic is the key to the most recent stretch of success for the New Orleans Pelicans as they have won 5 of their last seven games. It was hard for Pels […]


    Zion Williamson, the high school mega-star, the Duke phenom who took the NCAA by storm, or some know him as Zion Williamson, the guy compared to Charles Barkley and LeBron James. No doubt about it, Zion came into the NBA as one of the most hyped prospects of all-time. The other-worldly athleticism to go along […]

  • Quick thoughts: Looking back and forward for the Pelicans

    Believe it or not, I gave a shit when the NBA bubble restarted play for the New Orleans Pelicans. I wanted the eighth seed. I wanted Zion Williamson to steal the show. I wanted Lonzo Ball to dish out like he was John Stockton. I wanted the Pelicans to exhaust teams with their fast pace […]

  • Predicting The Anthony Davis “Thank You New Orleans” Instagram Post

    Whenever a notable athlete leaves one town for another, it always comes with the three I’s: introspection, image control, and the Instagram post. In a perfect world, the latter captures the formers. Your superstar bolts for alleged greener pastures and you hunker down for the impending photographic storm – the Thank You, See You Later […]

  • The Promise of Zion: Summer League Provided Brief Glimpse of Elite Skill

    Fans were only treated to a brief glimpse of Zion Williamson as an NBA player now that he has been ruled out for the remainder of NBA Summer League action in Las Vegas, but Friday night was the Hollywood trailer we’ve all been waiting for. Williamson was impressively efficient, producing 11 points in 9 minutes […]

  • How To Get “Let’s Dance” to “Who Dat”

    Every fan base wants one, almost every fan base needs one, some are desperate for a half decent one (see: Carolina Panthers “Keep Pounding”). It’s a sports team’s catch phrase, their hype slogan, a sticky saying slung together by the marketing department and, best case scenario, swiftly adopted and easily mashed up with the city’s […]