Takeaways From the DeMarcus Cousins Introductory Press Conference

Published: February 22, 2017

The newest additions to the New Orleans Pelicans we’re unveiled today as DeMarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi held their introductory press conference. Some of the biggest takeaways are below.

–It’s an introductory press conference and you’d expect everyone to say whatever it takes to make a good first impression, but DeMarcus Cousins comes off as incredibly honest. He seems to be the type of person that has the inability to hide his feelings and emotions. It’s rather refreshing, to be honest, and really made everything he said a big hit.

–Everyone knows how much Cousins loves the city of Sacramento, but to hear him say New Orleans is now home, shows you just how much he is embracing this trade and opportunity. For a guy who didn’t want to be traded and just lost out $30 million that isn’t always easy to do.

–You can see that the Pelicans are doing everything they can to make Cousins feel comfortable. Sending a plane with Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry was a smart touch. Especially considering the Kings had their new players fly commercial.

–Dell Demps and Cousins seem to have a very good relationship so far. Immediately after hearing about the trade Cousins called Demps to chat. They sat next to each other in the press conference, and joked around a lot. After everything that went down in Sacramento this is good to see.

–Cousins basically gave himself and Anthony Davis my favorite nickname I’ve heard yet: Fire and Ice. I completely dig this.

–DeMarcus Cousins has the right amount of self-awareness to be incredibly funny. If you have heard his 17 technicals joke yet, watch the press conference. He should be fantastic to interview over this season and next (and hopefully many more).

–Davis always talks about how it’s the front office’s job to sign/trade for players and that he stays out of recruiting. And while Davis may not be in the meeting room when it comes to pitching free agents, we can certainly say he has some involvement. Cousins let it be known that after he told AD he should come to Sacramento, Davis texted back saying he should head to New Orleans.

Overall, Cousins killed it in today’s press conference. And Omri Casspi was there, too.

Get excited, New Orleans. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun.


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