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  • Takeaways from Pelicans Summer League

    The New Orleans Pelicans wrap up Las Vegas Summer League tonight with a game against the Denver Nuggets at 7 pm central. Record-wise it hasn’t been great for the Pelicans in the Vegas heat, notching just one win so far (maybe two!). But Summer League isn’t about wins and losses; it’s about the players. And […]

  • The Stretch Provision and Omer Asik

    As free agency started for the New Orleans Pelicans, there have been two questions I’ve heard most prominently. For what amount will Jrue Holiday sign? And should the Pelicans stretch Omer Asik. The former we now know the answer to. But that latter is where confusion sets in. The Numbers Omer Asik is due around […]

  • Pelicans Scoop: Free Agency Addition

    The New Orleans Pelicans are on the eve of free agency. Jrue Holiday will be meeting with the team first thing he can at 12:01 am Saturday, does that change our writers’ minds on him returning to the team? Will the Pelicans be active in free agency? And who will they target? We’ve got answers […]

  • Two-Way Contracts and the New Orleans Pelicans

    The NBA Draft is over, but the New Orleans Pelicans will still be working to acquire guys from the draft class. Just not players picked in rounds one or two. With each team having the option to sign two players to a two-way contract undrafted free agents become just as intriguing as guys selected in […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans trade Tim Frazier to the Washington Wizards

    Last night the New Orleans Pelicans traded point guard Tim Frazier to the Washington Wizards in return for the 52nd pick in tonight’s NBA Draft. The move clears around $2 million in cap space, and in conjunction with the NBA salary cap expected to be around $99 million (revised down from the projection of $101 […]

  • Pelicans Second Round Pick Big Board

    The New Orleans Pelicans have the 40th pick in tonight’s NBA Draft. While second round picks do not usually amount to very much, the Pelicans have a bit of a higher need to hit on this draft pick. With the team’s salary nearing the cap a cheap second round pick contract goes a long way […]

  • Making Sense of Draft Prospects

    We’re just over a week removed from the NBA Draft Lottery, under a month away from the NBA Draft itself, and the New Orleans Pelicans have been busy. You’ve seen, and will see, the team linked to a multitude of potential prospects for the 40th pick in the NBA draft. This is all to be […]

  • Pelicans Plan Becoming Clear with Chris Finch Hiring

    Now that the New Orleans Pelicans have confirmed that head coach Alvin Gentry and general manager Dell Demps will be back with the team next season, some of the uncertainty around next season fades away. Yes, Jrue Holiday may or may not be back with the team next season, and there is still the manner […]

  • The Defensive Conundrum with Jrue Holiday

    Jrue Holiday and his role with the New Orleans Pelicans has been a hot topic over the past two months. But let me be clear on one thing: in a vacuum Holiday leaving will hurt the Pelicans. The offense should be alright—especially with Holiday’s role changing to be that of a spot up shooter—but the […]

  • Alvin Gentry and Dell Demps Status Update

    Scott Kushner of the New Orleans Advocate joins me on Locked on Pelicans to give an update on the futures of Alvin Gentry and Dell Demps. Now that the NFL draft is over, how likely is a change in leadership and what might the timeline be for one? Give it a listen, subscribe, and keep […]

  • An Easy Way to Improve the Offense

    Did you watch the video of the Houston Rockets bench laughing at Andre Roberson missing free throws? I did and I laughed. But then I was hit with a fear…what if this was the New Orleans Pelicans? Think about it for a second. The Pelicans have two bigs in Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins that […]

  • Jrue Holiday Owes Nothing to the New Orleans Pelicans

    I’m going to be coming in like a hot take, but Jrue Holiday owes nothing to the New Orleans Pelicans. You know what this is about and, as I wrote earlier in the week regarding the medical staff, this also makes me a bit uncomfortable. It’s about him take a leave of absence to care […]

  • I Want To Talk About the Pelicans’ Medical Staff

    I want to talk about the medical staff of the New Orleans Pelicans. But the problem is I don’t know how. It’s weird and slightly uncomfortable. The Pelicans medical staff has a negative reputation. That’s largely due to the 2015-2016 season having 351 games lost to injury–most in the league. Years of seeing Anthony Davis […]

  • DeMarcus Cousins and the New Orleans Pelicans Offense

    After the initial jubilation wore off from the New Orleans Pelicans trading for DeMarcus Cousins there was one big question: Can Alvin Gentry coach two bigs? On the surface it’s a valid question to ask. Gentry made his name coaching the 7 Seconds or Less Suns, and got the Pelicans job from being the mastermind […]

  • Pelicans Scoop: Evaluating the Season

    As we hit the offseason for the New Orleans Pelicans many are going to want to grade and judge the season. However, it is much more complicated than that. A few of our writers share their insight into what they are looking at. With the season over for the Pelicans the offseason first shifts to […]

  • The Specifics of a Jrue Holiday Max Contract

    With the regular season effectively over for the New Orleans Pelicans all eyes turn towards the offseason. And any discussion about the offseason starts with free agent guard Jrue Holiday. While there are plenty of big name point guards available in free agency this year pretty much all are expected to resign with their current […]

  • Play Breakdown: Cousins for 3

    The end of the New Orleans Pelicans Tuesday’s loss to Denver game is going to be remembered for the two turnovers Jrue Holiday committed rather than any late game heroics. Other than the obvious (losing) it was a disappointing ending because it seemed like Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry would have been able to draw […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans Announce D-League Franchise

    On Friday the New Orleans Pelicans announced the formation of a D-League (soon to be G-League, but I refuse to call it that) franchise. A lot of details are still yet to be determined, but the team will be based in the Gulf South region, owned by the Pelicans, and being play in the 2018-2019 […]

  • The Jrue Holiday Decision

    Almost immediately after the New Orleans Pelicans traded for DeMarcus Cousins there was talk of the Pelicans finally having their own “Big 3.” Cousins, Anthony Davis, and Jrue Holiday. And while Cousins and Davis have shown why they are All-Stars, Jrue Holiday hasn’t played as well as expected. And with a massive payday looming this […]

  • Pelicans Scoop: Let’s Boogie!

    Despite the slim playoff chances the New Orleans Pelicans have been improving. Some of our writers weigh in on what’s been happening with the team. Agree or disagree with us? Let us know on twitter @bourbonstshots! 1) The Pelicans are now 7-7 since the DeMarcus Cousins trade and 6-2 over their last eight games. How […]

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