NOLA 3-Point Club to Hold First Fundraiser Dinner of 2016-17 Season

Published: December 30, 2016

Disclosure: My father donates his time to this organization, serving on its board of directors. No one on the 3 Point Club’s Executive Committee or Board of Directors receive any kind of financial compensation for the work that they do for the organization, nor did Bourbon Street Shots for the publishing of this post. We simply like to take any opportunity that we can to promote charitable activity such as those organized by the 3 Point Club.

The 3 Point Club of New Orleans will host its first fundraiser of the 2016-17 season next Wednesday, January 4th. In case you missed our first post explaining the Pelicans-themed philanthropic organization, here is its President, Dr. Lance Turkish, explaining who they are and what they do:

The 3-Point Club of New Orleans is a community service organization supporting the New Orleans Pelicans, the sport of basketball, and the New Orleans metropolitan community. The New Orleans Pelicans and the 3-Point Club of New Orleans held their first Junior Training Camp for children with cancer this past July. The next camp is scheduled for July 2017. The 3-Point Club of New Orleans is an IRC Section 501(c) 7 organization.

More on the dinner:



If you are interested in joining the club, a membership application can be found here.

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