Pelicans Sweep Kings, Now Know They Aren’t THAT Bad

Published: March 16, 2016

Well the Pelicans put together a really good performance tonight. Ball movement, great debuts, whacky lineups, and, well, not a lot of defense, led to a pretty entertaining night overall. Davis had 27-14-2-2, just a typical night for him these days. Anderson found his groove, as I mentioned in the pre-game a trip back home can help. Holiday had a nice night too, 17 points on 50% shooting, and he only had to play 28 minutes because TIM FRAZIER STOLE THE SHOW.

Not really, but it was a really nice debut for the former D-League MVP. 14 points on 10 shots to go with 9 assists is nice, but beyond the stat sheet he looked intelligent and engaged, could be a nice little pick up (at the very least the guy can set others up). The game blew open in the 2nd quarter when a 44-41 lead ballooned into a 74-50 shellacking. The Pels dropped 41 on the Kings in the 2nd frame, 21 of which came from Anderson. The trip back home really did the trip for the struggling forward, he finished with 29 points, making 5 of his 6 attempts from deep.

Not only have the Pels confirmed that they are, in fact, a better team than the Kings, but they also remain a game below them in the standings, confirming a superior tank-strategy as well. Beating up on the Kings gets old, but New Orleans is having a hard time doing it to anyone else, seeing as the haven’t beaten anyone besides the King in almost a month. That trend could continue as 5 of the next 6 opponents are playoff teams, so this was a nice win to pickup, that is, if you like wins, and who doesn’t like winning?

Before the game I mentioned that Davis, Anderson, Holiday, and Frazier were the players to watch, and it turns out they were the 4 leading scorers for the Pels tonight. But it is also worth noting some of the tinkering Gentry did tonight. For about 9 minutes in the 3rd quarter the Pels went with 3 bigs. At first Asik, Davis, Anderson, and then Perkins, Davis, Anderson, and it wasn’t totally bad. The Pels were +2 over those 9 minutes and it didn’t ever look too bad, which is pretty surprising.

Some other notes:

  • Omer Asik’s 21 minutes were more than the last 3 game combined (0, 6, & 12)
  • Asik’s minutes weren’t out of nowhere, he was born to grapple with Cousins. The Kings’ star player was held to 20 points on 21 shots
  • Frazier’s 14 points tonight is his NBA career high
  • The Pels are still letting at least one opposing guard torch them, and tonight it was James Anderson. The big SG scored 17 points on just 9! shots.
  • I love Kendrick Perkins as long as he’s a Pelican. +15 in 19 minutes

Next up are the Trail Blazers on Friday. Tune in and Flock UP!

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