GameOn: Pelicans Travel To Sacramento with Season Series in Hand

Published: March 16, 2016

The Pelicans have won all 3 matchups with the Kings so far this season but sit 2 games behind them in the league standings. What a season it has been, with just 18 games left a top 5 draft pick is within grasp. One win in their last 9 has put the Pels just 3.5 games ahead of Minnesota and a bottom 5 record. This will be the easiest game for the Pelicans in awhile, as 5 of their next 6 opponents are playoff teams.

The Pelicans have been giving some of their non-regulars a lot of looks recently: Omer Asik is listed as a probable starter despite the fact that he has played just 6 minutes in the last 2 games, and Luke Babbitt has seen 35+ minutes in his previous 2 games as well as his first start since November. Of course, this most likely due to the fact that half the roster is hurt, a total of 218 games missed to injury for Pelican players this season.

Even though the last 9 games have been rough for the Pels, they have competed hard, coming back from multiple double-digit deficits and fighting to the last whistle every night. I expect that to continue tonight as they actually have a very good chance of winning.

Things to watch:

  • The Obvious – Davis is averaging 28-12 since the break, with a 56.2 TS%. He’s getting 21 shots a night (compared to 18 before the break). It hasn’t been every night (3 games with less than 14 shots), but he has been the clear #1 guy on offense his past 12 games and that is good and fun to see. Now about his supporting cast….
  • The Flamethrower – has not been himself in awhile. Since the break he has been abysmal, shooting under 40% from the field and under 30% from deep. His minutes have dropped to 27 a night even though there isn’t anyone an better than him to take those minutes away. Maybe a visit to his home town will help get things going for him?
  • Holiday – The Pelicans one real positive story line this season continues to show he is capable of running this offense. He’s averaging 20-8-3 in 32 minutes a night since the break with a 53.3 TS% (better than any single season he’s had). Holiday getting over an injury while everyone else has succumbed to one is a breath of fresh air.
  • Tim Frazier – Your newest Pelican! Orlando Johnson didn’t quite cut it in his 10-day, so enters 25 year old Frazier, the 2015 D-League MVP. His most recent 8 game stint in the D-League saw him average a ridiculous 15-9-9. I welcome any guard with open arms these days.

Tip off is for 10/9CT. Tune in and Flock Up!

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