Warriors Blow Out the Pelicans; Sun Will Rise in the East Tomorrow

Published: March 15, 2016

You know, for a minute there it seemed like the New Orleans Pelicans might stay in this game against the Golden State Warriors. Though, that wasn’t exactly due to the Pelicans playing well as the Warriors missed a handful of three-pointers to start the game. The Pelicans even had a 40-38 point lead halfway through the second quarter. But then the Warriors realized they were the Warriors and a 19-6 put them up 9 at the half.

This is where the injuries really hurt the Pelicans. Having to give serious minutes to Luke Babbitt and Orlando Johnson isn’t going to keep almost any team in a game. And having to keep starters out on the court because no one of quality can be subbed in? Even worse. Let alone against a team chasing the single-season wins record. Would the Pelicans have kept this game close even with a fully healthy roster? Not a chance. But tonight they had no ability to even put forth the effort.

The second half happened and was far worse than the first. The Warriors shot incredibly well, the Pelicans did not. Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday didn’t play in the 4th quarter. Nor did Steph Curry. You probably didn’t watch. I don’t blame you. The Pelicans have lost 8 of their last 9. They aren’t deliberately tanking, but their continually improving their lottery ball odds.


–Davis started at the center position tonight. Omer Asik was a DNP-Coach’s Decision. Kendrick Perkins played 6 minutes, and of course had the only positive +/-. It’ll be interesting to see if the Pelicans continue to start Davis over Asik and attempt to play small ball. Tonight it worked for a quarter and a half. Keep an eye on this.

–I mentioned how the lack of depth hurts in the middle of games where the Pelicans are unable to quell an opponents’ run. But how about tonight being the 33rd different starting lineup they’ve used this season. Injuries have caused this, but so has bad play out of many of the players. Just impossible to get an continuity this way.

–Worst free throw attempt ever? So of course he hits his third career three late in the game.

–Luke Babbitt has been seeming more playing time due to injuries and may be earning¬†a solid rotation spot for next season. 12 points on 11 shots with 5 rebounds is a respectable night. You’d just like to see it in less than 35 minutes.

–Ryan Anderson didn’t make a three tonight but got to the line 9 times. It’s not something he’s known for and nice to see tonight. The Pelicans will try and bring him back next season and if he continually get to the line it would be a nice facet for next year.

–Dante Cunningham isn’t the best basketball player on the planet. But he hustles. Every game, all game. You’d love a guy like that coming off the bench. Just not in the starting lineup.


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