Game On: Pelicans @ Grizzlies

Published: January 18, 2016

Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a trend. (Or an enemy action if you’re in favor of tanking for a draft pick.) And when the Pelicans put their two game win streak on the line, in an early afternoon tipoff, today they’ll end up with one of those two options.

For it to be the latter, the Pelicans need to get off to a hot start. Memphis is Memphis. Nothing special offensively, but soundly good on defense. If the Pelicans can get out to an early lead the Grizzlies may not be able to score enough to come back. Ryan Anderson will be important off the bench, and Tyreke Evans pushing the tempo and scoring in transition is a key.

For it to be the former, a coincidence, the Pelicans just need to be their inconsistent selves. A lack of court awareness on defense. Letting the opposition slice through them in transition. And extended periods of poor shooting and garbage offense.

Which performance will the Pelicans deliver tomorrow? I honestly have no idea. So if you have the day off tune in for the 1:30 pm start. And if you don’t keep up with the game on twitter and our recap after.

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