Pelicans finishing five take down Denver

Published: December 20, 2015

I wanted to bring some attention to the line-up on the floor at the end of this game.  It was the finishing five we talked about being so good last year – and they came in and turned a 4 point deficit into a 7 point advantage in a little over four minutes.  It’s not the outcome that is really that surprising.

I just wanted to point it out, though, because people do forget how bad the injury bug has been to this team and its ability to play its best players – because in minute one of that stretch, the line-up of Davis-Anderson-Evans-Gordon-Holiday broke double digits together for the season.

Now – the team has been bad past the point where not having that line-up explains, but it is a really sad thing to contemplate 27 games into the season.


  • Davis was on fire in the first quarter, then ran back to the locker room to be sick for two quarters, get an IV, and then came out and finished the last half of the fourth.  His line in those 19 minutes – 9 of 13 for 27 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks and three defensive plays in the fourth that finished Denver.  It was AD in all his glory – and his unfortunate penchant for missing a little time here and there.
  • If Gee is your answer defending the perimeter, give up.  The fouling is ridiculous.
  • Gordon wasn’t even getting shots in the first, but started working his ways into layups and open shots while being the third options in line-ups with Anderson, Jrue and Tyreke.  And he hit his shots for 20 points on 11 takes.
  • Evans had one of his usual games – rumbling everywhere, looking terrible at moments, but generally causing chaos.   His efficiency was high against a non-existant Denver defense and he put down 21 points on 13 shots to go with his 8 rebounds and 10 assists.
  • Babbitt played a few minutes and is growing out his hair again.  You needed to know that.
  • Jrue is looking better, and remains a terrific on ball defender.  I challenge you, however.  Next game, watch him when he’s guarding the weakside and decide if you think he cheats too far over too often.  I think it’s pretty bad, really.

Next game is Wednesday as the Pelicans return home from the roadtrip.


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