On the Fly v 1.0: Welcome!

Published: November 22, 2014


Welcome to On the Fly, Bourbon Street Shots’ new podcast.  At the site, we are always trying to find new, creative ways to cover the New Orleans Pelicans.. and after a lot of conversations, Jake and I stumbled upon the idea of a new podcast.

The premise of the podcast is simple- we bring in guests from other teams to preview the games.  As you might gather from the podcast title, these clips are meant to be short and sweet. We are aiming at 15 minute segments for each guest/game. Frankly, no one wants to listen to Jake and me ramble on about basketball for an hour anyway.  Or listen to me laughing in the background at inappropriate moments.

There are so many games in the NBA season and there is only so much we can watch outside of the Pelicans games, so we thought it’d be informative to bring on writers from other teams to give us their take on their teams.  Of course, this is a Pelicans site, so we want to steer our conversations to the Pelicans, but we think getting knowledge from writers of other teams will give us some valuable context with which to analyze Pelicans games.  This podcast will evolve over time, but for now, our mission is clear: learn about other teams from an outside perspective.

So without further ado, we’d like to welcome Ben Dowsett of Salt City Hoops (among other sites) to discuss the Jazz game tonight.  Ben was an excellent first guest, so you need to go follow him.  The button to follow is located below.  Do it to it.

Finally, please note that we recorded this podcast on Thursday.  We do not have a set day in mind to record these, but generally, we will likely do these twice a week.  And after we work out some things, it will be on iTunes.


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