Magic @ Pelicans Open Thread

Published: October 28, 2014

It’s here everyone! The start of the New Orleans Pelicans 2014-2015 season. What a glorious day for Anthony Davis to begin his ascendance to an absolute Super Star!

As we go through this season you may notice a few tweaks to some of the Bourbon Street Shots coverage. You’ll see a balance of Open Threads instead of Game On’s. As for Recaps, plenty of media outlets give you the story of the game. And that is important. Even after watching a game I enjoy reading a recap that night or the next morning.

But we want to do more of what we do best: analysis. Our recaps will focus more on the analysis part instead of a rehashing of a box score. They may be shorter than they have been in the past, but they’ll be more concise with information, and there may be multiple.

With that in mind our writers will be more active in the comments of the site on game days. So if you’re at home watching the game, in the arena or at Tracey’s on your phone ask us questions and give us your take on the game.

So! What are your predictions for the Pelicans record? Do you like Tyreke Evans starting at small forward? Are you going to the game? Just how excited are you for tonight?

Oh, and no injuries, no injuries, no injuries.

Content Update:

Not one, but two short audio clips from Gerry V:

V on the Defense

V on the Guards

News Update:

Tyreke Evans is starting at Small Forward this evening.


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