Watch Parties at Tracey’s

Published: October 26, 2014

This isn’t just about watch parties. Though we have you covered there.

Over the past few seasons, all of us here at Bourbon Street Shots feel part of something more than just a Pelicans blog. We feel part of a community.

A few years ago I attended an ‘I’m In’ event and listened to then-Hornets president Hugh Weber speak. He talked about how he felt so lucky to live in a city where people opened up their homes in order to support the local NBA team. He went to say how amazed he was at the group gather for the party that night. Most of the people there had actually never met. This wasn’t the friends and family type gathering the team assumed would be the case.

Everyone at that party was part of the online Pelicans community. Whether they were readers of our site or elsewhere. A member of one forum or another. They were all there to support the team in a way that mattered more than attendance at the Smoothie King Center.

And that’s what this post is about.

This year we want to help foster a sense of community. We have events planned, some of which you’ll see below. More will crop up throughout the season, and we want you to be aware of them. For example did you know that Chris Trew helped local apparel company Dirty Coast design a Pelicans shirt? No? Well check out the facebook page and try and stop by for the release event! We want you to met other Pelicans’ fans, and share your passion. Meet the reader you argue with, or agree with. See the face behind the username.

We’ve changed our main page and added an Events tab. We’ll keep you updated with all the goings on there.

Tracey's logo 0211To kick this off, Bourbon Street Shots has partnered with Tracey’s the original Irish Channel Bar. We’ve had events there in the past, hopefully you were there, and they were a blast. But more than that, this is a place we go to regularly simply to watch games. It’s not uncommon to see some of our writers sitting at a table late at night while the Pelicans play a west coast game. Now, we’re just making it official. We have six watch parties planned–hopefully more if the Pelicans make the playoffs.

Monday Nov 10th @ the Cavaliers

Thursday Dec 18th @ the Rockets

Monday Jan 19th @ the Knicks

Saturday Feb 21 @ the Heat

Tuesday March 10th @ the Nets

Wednesday April 8th @ the Grizzlies

Keep in mind things may change. But these are the dates we’re all going to meet and watch a game together. We hope to see you there!

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