NBA Playoffs as Played by their New Orleans Connections

Did you know that every team in this year’s NBA playoffs has a player connected to New Orleans basketball? Did you know that the New Orleans basketball franchise is not in this year’s playoffs? Therefore, did you know that the most entertaining way to preview this year’s NBA playoffs is to stage a fantasy one-on-one tournament using the current postseason match-ups and their New Orleans connection?

On this Friday’s Trew 2 the Game I invite local comedian Chris Carrington to the studio to break it all down. If you need more enticing to listen to the episode, our first round matches include barn burners like Chris Paul vs. Hilton Armstrong and Trevor Ariza v. Mike James. What are you still doing not clicking play on this podcast?

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One response to “NBA Playoffs as Played by their New Orleans Connections”

  1. Fun podcast. Well played on the CP3 stuff. Got a few good laughs. Thornton beats Vasquez though. He had people up in arms for an entire season arguing.

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