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Pelicans reach fourth quarter against Heat, shrug and wait for game to finish

Published: January 7, 2014

I could talk about how they played with good energy in the first quarter – how they drove and kicked the way they needed to.  I could even say they did that in the second quarter, and kinda in the third.

But in the fourth?  All it took was few plays, the Pelicans were down 12 and they apparently thought that was good enough.  Because the Heat weren’t running a quick offense.  It was simple drive after simple drive that drew three Pelicans because the guy defending the driver couldn’t do anything, then a pass to the perimeter, and the Pelicans would run full speed out there – so they could get a good look at the backside of various Heat players as they drove past them, hit a shot, or dumped it off to a cutting big man – who, by the way – would never have anyone paying attention to him.

This is easy offense folks.  You just have to try and be smart.  Yeah, LeBron will score some, but Chris Andersen molested the rim all night and no one stopped him.


3-9 from deep in the game.  I bet teams won’t pack the paint if we torch them like that.

Yeah, I’m annoyed.  You should be too.  At least go down fighting.


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