Game On: Pelicans @ Heat

Published: January 7, 2014

The Pelicans, in the next few years, want to enter the conversation for best team in the league.  Tonight, even without Ryan Anderson is a measuring stick game.  The Pelicans will not get the best Miami Heat, even if they are unlucky and get a fully stocked Miami Heat.   Miami cruises a little against weaker  teams, and it wouldn’t be surprising if at some point the Pelicans were up in this game as late as the third.

The question is:  What happens when Miami starts to really execute their offense.  Only a couple teams in the league move the ball around like Miami does, fed by the unselfish passing of LeBron James. (Remember when he used to catch flak for passing so much?)  The Pelicans are mistake prone on the defensive end – and if Miami just keeps generating open shot after open shot at any point, the Pelicans will go down.

What chance do they have?

Keys to the Game

  • Hope for a big game from a big man.  The Heat’s perimeter offense is built to shatter the confidence and abilities of perimeter players.  It lets big men do whatever they want, because there are so few big men who can walk and chew gum.  They aren’t going to change this defense for the Pelicans.  If Ajinca can get rolling, or Davis find ways to attack in the Post, this team could do well.
  • Force Turnovers.  You don’t want to run with the Heat, but if you turn them over and get some easy points while otherwise staying half-court, you can get the easy points you must have.
  • If the heat come out flat, punch them in the face.  If the Heat aren’t in full intensity mode, Monty should get Evans out there with Holiday, Gordin, Aminu and Davis, and see if they can unleash a spurt of scoring enough to carry them through the inevitable come back.

Enjoy the game.  Wizards are playing tonight and come to our house tomorrow for a game!


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