Game on Bobcats @ Hornets

The Hornets try and rebound from the lowest point total in team history against the Charlotte Bobcats.

Oh man that was bad the other night. Just terrible, terrible offensive basketball. But it’s in the past now, and if there ever was a team to bounce back against that would surely be the Bobcats. After posting the worst winning percentage in NBA history last season, the Bobcats are currently sitting at 1-2. While Charlotte has added some new players, there is still no excuse for a Hornets loss. Anyway, let’s do this…

3 Things to Watch For


Make the Easy Shots

The Hornets struggled from the floor last night, making a third of their shots. It’s one thing if they are playing a strong defensive team, but Philly is not one. The Hornets had multiple open looks that just clanged off the rim. The Hornets will struggle on offense at times this season and those open looks are points they can’t afford to leave off the scoreboard.

Take Care of the Ball

The Hornets had 24 turnovers against the 76ers and only 23 made field goals. I can’t even think of the last time I saw a stat like that. That’s not a recipe for winning basketball games. Vasquez and Aminu in particular need to cut down on their turnovers. Vasquez has very good court vision but struggles when the opponent puts pressure on him. Austin Rivers, if he plays, should help as the Hornets have no other strong ball handlers who are healthy. Aminu needs to make sure he keeps the ball under control when he attacks the rim. His aggressiveness does no good when the ball is poked out of his hands.


Even before all the injuries hit, I think Monty was still trying to figure out his regular rotation. If Davis and Rivers both play, Monty will have a full team minus Eric Gordon. Anderson should continue getting 30+ minutes but what I’m most curious is how long Jason Smith plays. Smith played 14 minutes in the loss against Philly and I’m perplexed he played so little. Hopefully that will change tonight.


Lagniappe to Watch For

I will not be attending the game tonight so I’ll get my first chance to check out the new broadcast on Fox Sports New Orleans. In particular, I’m very excited to hear Joel Meyers call the play by play.


Your Pregame Song


16 responses to “Game on Bobcats @ Hornets”

  1. Actually Smith’s minutes probably won’t increase due to the fact he has an injured thumb he is trying to play through. But I totally agree he should be playing more than Robin Lopez, because Lopez is just not good. Lets go Hornets!!!

  2. “I Got Dis!!” AD, hornets win, henderson is out, rivers has his best game 15+ points!! EG10 tweets about indiana, haha. he has to see the potential or he’s just dumb but i still have faith he’ll come around and hornets make the playoffs

  3. Is there any way to see the game online? I’m in the Houston area and I’ll even take the radio broadcast. Any suggestions? Thanks eh!

    • in terms of streaming…I use ******** for everything and I’m sure you’ll find the Hornets game on there. I’ll be streaming it from work as well.

      ((No stream links))

  4. Whenever the site is set to mobile mode the comments are sorted by post time which makes it hard to follow. Is there any way to group the postings/replies together as it is normally displayed in PC mode?

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