Hornets extend Monty Williams

Published: August 19, 2012

We’ve been talking about this on our podcast and site for a couple weeks now:  The Hornets’ two most vital free-agents-to-be for next season were Monty Williams and Dell Demps.  Well, that number is now one smaller, as the Hornets have confirmed that they have inked Williams to a new four-year deal.

The Hornets have not released the terms of the deal, but since it has no salary cap ramifications, the money doesn’t matter much.  I’m sure he’s making a comfortable living.

Monty is a charismatic guy, with a demeanor that almost comes off as gentle when dealing with the media.  It makes him extremely likeable.  Players have nothing but good things to say about him, and over the last two seasons, no one can possibly argue that he didn’t have everyone playing hard.  You can even point to Jason Smith as a development project gone right.  That’s enough to say he deserves an extension to see what he can do with a roster that isn’t turning over 90% every season.

He’ll get the chance to push this young roster to show its teeth, work with some development projects (Aminu, Rivers) and generally show if his coaching chops are legitimate.   First on the docket, I’m fascinated to see if he adapts to the new personnel and gets them moving at a faster pace, or if his history in San Antonio and Portland keeps his team slow and ponderous.  Adapting to your personnel is the hallmark of a great coach.  First test of many.

Congratulations Monty!


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