New Orleans Hornets 2011-12 Power Rankings, V.5

Published: February 5, 2012

Jake takes over the fifth edition of 2011-12 season’s New Orleans Hornets individual player power rankings and does things a little differently.

With Mason taking a breather this week, I’m totally blowing up the power rankings. Some players will earn their spot based on their actual production, some will be ranked based off how much I like/dislike them, and some might be completely random. Let’s do this…

1. Eric Gordon, SG: 39.0 MPG, 21.0 PPG, 42.5 FG%, 5.0 RPG, 18.1 PER

I know he has only played two games and rejected the Hornets’ contract extension, but I just bought his jersey so he has to be number one. At the game Wednesday against the Suns, a guy yelled at me, “Who the hell is Gordon?” I tried to explain but he was just a jerk and screamed nonsense at me. Well you know what, random jerk? Eric Gordon is number one in the power rankings this week.

2. Squeaky Johnson, PG: 7.8 MPG, 1.9 PPG, 34.4 FG%, 1.4 APG, 10.2 PER

Squeaky actually had a decent game against the Spurs this week with 5 assists in 14 minutes. But let’s be honest, he’s not number two because of his play. This is about his hair, his story and the fact he is a New Orleans native. Squeaky is a 29 year old rookie playing for his hometown team. If you’re not rooting for him to succeed you probably have a piece of coal for your heart and ice water in your veins.

3. Gustavo Ayon, C: 12.2 MPG, 4.7 PPG, 61.4 PG%, 3.1 RPG, 22.6 PER

We finally get a ranking based off on the court results. Ayon has quickly established himself as a fan favorite with his play. He had solid games against the Heat and Suns points-wise but struggled with his rebounding. He fixed that by coming out and grabbing 8 boards against the Spurs. Once he starts putting everything together, expect to see him in the starting lineup.

4. Greivis Vasquez, PG: 21.2 MPG, 7.4 PPG, 41.5 PG%, 4.1 APG, 15.5 PER

I said in the Young Pups post on Wednesday that I really wanted Vasquez to become my favorite player, and this week he made great strides to achieve that. Vasquez went off against the Suns, scoring 20 points on 7 of 10 shooting, a perfect 3 of 3 from deep, and 12 assists. When Jarrett Jack went down with injury, Vasquez stepped in and scored 16 points against the Spurs, and went for 14 points and 9 assists against Detroit last night. With Vasquez showing off his immense offensive potential, it drives me crazy when he tries to get a little too flashy and makes a terrible pass for a turnover. Vasquez is still showing signs of improvement but lacks the athleticism to become an elite point guard.

5. Emeka Okafor, C: 28.2 MPG, 9.3 PPG, 54.4 FG%, 7.9 RPG, 16.1 PER

Because his running hook shot is really pretty and fun to watch.

6. Jarrett Jack, PG: 36 MPG, 15.8 PPG, 44.6 FG%, 6.8 APG, 18.5 PER

He is having his best statistical season and never gives up. With Chris Paul and David West gone, Jack has stepped up to become the heart of this Hornets team. He isn’t the long-term  answer to the point guard position, but, as the Hornets add even more youth over the next few seasons, Jack will be a strong veteran presence that helps guide the team.

7. Carl Landry, PF: 23.9 MPG, 11.5 PPG, 46.7 FG%, 4.4 RPG, 16.7 PER

I love Landry but I can’t justify putting him ahead of anyone else on this list. He has been very inconsistent this season (partially due to his erratic playing time) with games where he looks great and games where I forget he is on the team. However, I do want the Hornets to resign him to a longer deal at the end of the season.

8. Trevor Ariza, SF: 33.8 MPG, 11.1 PPG, 39.9 FG%, 5.3 RPG, 1.6 SPG, 13.4 PER

Can the Ariza from Saturday night against the Pistons please, please show up consistently? That would be really cool.

9. Jason Smith, PF: 21.5 MPG, 8.2 PPG, 47.3 FG%, 3.9 RPG, 14.1 PER

I love Smith’s hustle. There are times when he come out of nowhere and makes plays he has no business making. But he should not be starting so he’s stuck at 9.

10. Chris Kaman, PF: 22.7 MPG, 9.2 PPG, 43.8 PG%, 6.6 RPG, 13.7 PER

I love Kaman’s beard, the Chewbacca noise when he scores, and whatever the Hornets get back when they trade him. Even though he hasn’t played since January 23rd that’s enough to but him ahead of some other Hornets.

11. Al-Farouq Aminu, SF: 20.0 MPG, 5.0 PPG, 37.4 FG%, 4.3 RPG, 9.3 PER

Aminu is a player who just needs extended time on the court to figure things out. I just wish he could get that time in the D-League and not with the Hornets this year.

12. Xavier Henry, SG: 11.0 MPG, 3.0 PPG, 30.8 FG%, 0.5 APG, -0.7 PER

He has barely played this year and his PER is negative but his last name isn’t Belinelli, so he’s not at the bottom.

13. DaJuan Summers, F: 13.9 MPG, 4.5 PPG, 43.1 FG%, 1.5 RPG, 9.5 PER

That whole Summers starting experiment needs to end. He just doesn’t have the ability to be a solid rotation guy.

14. Marco Belinelli, SG: 29. MPG, 9.1 PPG, 38.7 FG%, 33.7 3p%, 2.8 RPG, 8.5 PER

Welcome to the bottom, Marco! Belinelli was finally taken out of the starting lineup in favor of Summers. Belinelli brings nothing else to the table aside from shooting. And when your hitting 1.3 3-pointers per game, it’s time for a reduction in minutes.

Let us know your power rankings in the comments below!

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