Hornets Beat: Inconsequential Decision Time

Published: January 17, 2012

Our banner guy, Darius Ejkiewicz, joins us in answering a few Hornets-related questions.

The Hornets have come up just short on more than one occasion this season

1. Who has the brighter future, Aminu or Ayon?

Joe Gerrity- Might as well just flip a coin. I’d say Aminu right now since he’s a athletic freak, but Ayon has had a few moments in the past week that have made me think he may be the real diamond in the rough.

Dariusz Ejkiewicz (Ejkiewicz.com) Personally I wouldn’t divide it like that. Both Ayon and Aminu showed already that they got some interesting parts of their game. Personally I like Ayon because he seems like a more complete player who can help on both ends of the floor. I like what he has shown so far not only with the Hornets but also his tough play in Spanish ACB seen as the best European league.

Chris Trew– My heart says Ayon because he hasn’t reminded us of anyone who’s name rhymes with Hooligan Fright.

Jake Madison- I’ll say Ayon. His recent play makes him look like a lock to be a solid rotation player for the foreseeable future. Plus, big men have much more value in the league.

2. On a scale of 1-10 how worried are you that Eric Gordon hasn’t been inked to a multi-year extension?

Joe Gerrity- 3, which is a lot more worried than I was previously. Gordon was noticeably displeased when he wound up here, and has yet to really give any indication that he wants to stay long term. This is going to be one of those situations where we really see whether a player values a big contract or the freedom to choose their home more.

Dariusz Ejkiewicz – At this point I’m not worried so much about it. We need guys who want to play in New Orleans, people who will appericiate the city this organization. We had a fair share of guys being on the team just for business reasons or a trade that landed them in a wrong situation. We need a big rebuilding plan and if EG wouldn’t want to be a part of it then it’s better to know it from the beggining and not end up with CP3 situation once again in 2-3 years.

Chris Trew- 3. Still plenty of time for Gordon to fall in love with the city and see what we do in the draft this summer. He spent so much time with the Clips, it’s likely he enjoys the Hornets organization more. I’m more worried about the other people on Hornets Beat not answering this question in the proposed “Scale of 1-10” format.

Jake Madison- 2. Even if he doesn’t sign an extension, he’ll be a restricted free-agent after this season, and I imagine the Hornets would match any offer made to him. Even if he accepts the RFA qualifying offer, it keeps him in New Orleans for one season which is enough time convince him to stay long-term.

3. If you could retain either Dell Demps or Monty Williams, but not both, who would you keep?

Joe Gerrity- Tough call since I think they’re a great duo but in the end I’ll say Dell. Ignoring what happened in December, he has a pretty good record on trades and seems very well respected around the league. I just don’t think coaches can influence the direction of a franchise as much as GM’s can.

Dariusz Ejkiewicz – For me Monty is preaching the right type of game without the necessary puzzle pieces in some points. Showing these guys that defence is crucial is always the best step to do, we just need scorers and a PG who can control the ball at all times. I think the L’s are piling up due to personell trouble and injuries. At the same time I give a lot of respect to Dell where the NBA is keeping his hands tied.

Chris Trew – I did some research on the Dell Monte food brand to help me make my decision and it was a complete waste of time. I was hoping there was one guy named Dell and one named Monte and one was more responsible for fruit packaging brilliance. I was wrong. My tossup answer is Demps because Bower did more to hurt this franchise than Byron Scott.

Jake Madison- I’m saying Dell Demps. He seems like the perfect GM for a small market team and his track record on moves seems fairly solid.

4. Who is worth more as a trade piece, Carl Landry or Chris Kaman?

Joe Gerrity- Kaman by a nose. While Landry has arguably played better so far this season, Kaman is a former all-star who stands at a full 7’0 and grabs rebounds as a much higher rate than Landry. While Kaman isn’t a good defender by any means, being the right size give shim another edge over Carl.

Dariusz Ejkiewicz – I like Landry to a point where I would be devastated to see him go. But this season nothing is going to suprise me. I see Kaman being a better trade piece with his resume, good statistics this season (rebounds and points) plus the contract that is coming off the books after the season. I see some team needing the tall guy in their depth chart going deep in the playoffs.

Chris Trew – Kaman’s track record edges out Landry’s potential. If Kaman comes packaged with his Chewbacca sound effects then it’s a landslide.

Jake Madison- I think Kaman’s height gives him the edge over Landry. But it’s pretty close.

5. Who is your favorite player?

Joe Gerrity- Tough to say. Right now I’m pretty high on Ayon both on the court and because his contract means that he will likely be here for the foreseeable future. Eric Gordon could change my mind with another game winner or two.

Dariusz Ejkiewicz – Tough call to make. I would say Landry or Vasquez, both love to play basketball and leave it all out there. I also loved the pieces for MLK day featuring Landry and showing how excited he was for that holiday. Of course that doesn’t count much on the court but he just seems like that positive guy that you want to have on your team

Chris Trew – This is a strange time in New Orleans sports so I’ll go with the strangest person on our team, Chris Kaman. Wait no, Ayon! Is it too late to change? Ayon! Or maybe Eric Gordon. Yes, Eric Gordon. This is a strange time in New Orleans sports.

Jake Madison- This is really tough since I have no idea who will be on the team for the foreseeable future. So far this season it’s Vasquez. I really want him to succeed and have been cheering for him loudly. Now if he could just cut down on the turnovers.


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