Hornets Lost to the Knicks or Something, But it’s Mardi Gras, So Whatever

Published: March 2, 2011

The Hornets lost big to the Knicks tonight, but it’s hard to get too hung up on it. Call me a homer. Call me a fool. Call me whatever you want, actually. Tonight was not a true representation of the two teams that faced off against each other. The Hornets are a better team than the Knicks.

The Knicks are on an absolute roll. Since the acquisition of Carmelo their fans have taken their intensity to a new level, and for a few games they are going to be all but unbeatable. I talked a little about the mental aspect of sports in the brief preview, but perhaps I didn’t go quite far enough. Tonight was about the teams mental tenacity, and the Hornets just didn’t come prepared.

Right now the Hornets are reeling. They are mentally flawed. Call it apathy or simple lack of communication, but don’t make the mistake of calling them a bad team. They are good. They are not only good, but they have the potential to be so much more.

Jarret Jack

If there was any doubt it anyone’s might that Jack is a more than capable backup, the last two night should have put that to rest. The guy started for years, can play with Paul in the backcourt, and is capable of impacting important games.

He went for 21 points  on 13 shots, 5 assists,  zero turnovers, and 5 rebounds. Oddly enough, he easily could have gone for 24 points had either of his two relatively open three pointers on one possession had gone in. He’s always been a second half player, and hopefully this second half will continue into the playoffs for him.

He’s on fire right now. Let’s talk about Paul.


With Jack playing the way he is, it’s time to give CP3 a rest. As I noted in the pregame, he’s played the 8th most minutes in the entire NBA this year, and Monty is undeniably playing him in times in which the Hornets have nothing to gain with him on the floor. With 6 minutes left, down 20, Paul was on the floor with most of the starters. This has happened over and over this year. Why?

The game was over at the point. There was no reason to keep putting the burn on Paul’s legs/knee.



This isn’t the first time this happened, and it probably won’t be the last, unfortunately. Monty needs to do a better job restricting Paul’s unnecessary minutes or there won’t be much chance of a fresh CP3 for the postseason.

Game notes

  • I don’t have much to say. This is a short recap due to Mardi Gras, but I really want to know what people have to say about this one. Don’t go too negative, because you know that the effort we saw tonight isn’t representative of the talent that is on this team. Try to really evaluate what is wrong, and what fixes need to be made.


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