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  • Pels Out-Tanked in 99-91 Win over New York

    Not a lot of defense and not a lot of good offense led to competitive match (on the scoreboard at least) between two teams who seem to have called it a season early. But to the Pelicans credit, their bad defensive possessions and offensive struggles didn’t stem from motivational issues, the team came out and […]

  • Tank-Mania Monday Edition: 6th Place Pels v Now 8th Knicks

    The New Orleans Pelicans (26-46) host the New York Knicks (30-44) tonight in the Smoothie King Center, tip off is for 8/7CT. Alvin Gentry is finding it hard to field a team these days, he is up to 35 different starting lineups used and the team is up to 253 games missed to injury by […]

  • Game On: Pelicans @ Knicks

    In typical 2014-15 Pelicans fashion, New Orleans followed up arguably their ugliest loss of the year in Philly with one of their most impressive victories of the season last night in Toronto. 24 hours later, they’ll square off with the one Eastern Conference team which boasts a worse record than the 76ers – the New […]

  • Melo Carries Knicks to 98-91 Victory over Pelicans

    Another night of questionable rotations for New Orleans, and another loss. In this game, both teams’ best and most efficient scorers averaged between 1.4 and 1.45 points per field goal attempt; the difference was that the winning team’s top option (Carmelo Anthony) took 29 shots and the losing team’s top option (Anthony Davis) attempted just […]

  • Hornets’ win streak comes to an end in New York via 100-87 loss to Knicks

    Despite trailing by just four points after three quarters of play, New York jumped out to a 13-2 run to start the 4th quarter and never looked back. The winning streak was bound to come to an end at some point; all things considered, having it happen on the road against a top-tier Eastern Conference […]

  • Game On: Hornets @ Knicks

    The 11-25 Hornets travel to New York for an early game (11 AM central time) against the 23-13 Knicks, currently the Eastern Conference’s second best team. While the Hornets will be looking to extend their season long 4-game winning streak, the Knicks have been moving in the opposite direction and will try to avoid their […]

  • Game On: Knicks @ Hornets

    The Hornets take on the 7-1 New York Knicks in the New Orleans Arena tonight.

  • Scouting the NBA: Week Four — A Knickerbocker, A Golden Nugget and a CP3

    A big week ahead: the New Orleans Hornets face some very tough NBA opponents including the Knicks, Nuggets and Clippers.

  • Hornets take down streaking New York, win 3rd Straight

    New Orleans Hornets 89 Final Recap | Box Score 85 New York Knicks

  • Game On: Hornets @ Linsanity

    The Hornets visit New York and get the experience of Linsanity in the Garden first hand.  We give you the keys to a Hornets victory.

  • Announcing a New New Orleans Tradition: Lindi Gras

    It’s the last remaining take on the point guard’s name and the beginning of a new era in New Orleans basketball.

  • 42 Seconds: Cruising the Streets of Denver

    ((Let’s face it: I overthink. I overanalyze. I overtalk, overlink, over and over. There’s a time and a place for 5,000 word posts, and I enjoy spacetime coordinates as much as the next guy. There is, however, a time and a place for a different sort of post. This little series is my little attempt […]

  • Hornets Lost to the Knicks or Something, But it’s Mardi Gras, So Whatever

    The Hornets lost big to the Knicks tonight, but it’s hard to get too hung up on it. Call me a homer. Call me a fool. Call me whatever you want, actually. Tonight was not a true representation of the two teams that faced off against each other. The Hornets are a better team than […]

  • Game On: Hornets @ Knicks

    Matchup: Hornets (35-27) @ Knicks (30-28) Off Efficiency: Hornets 103.4(19th), Knicks 107.1 (9th) Def Efficiency: Hornets 100.6(6th), Knicks 106.1 (18th) Pace: Hornets 91.0 (29th) , Knicks 98.8 (2nd) As Chicken Little once said, “The sky is falling.” Not literally of course, but a quick look around the Hornets stratosphere reveals that fans are not exactly […]

  • Knicks Continue their Domination over the Hornets

    After two long years of losses, the Hornets should have wanted it more. The Knicks took them down 100-92 behind a strong performance by Amare Stoudemire. In a word, the Hornets were apathetic. Monty wasn’t aggressive late with his substitutions and was content to just let lesser players stay on while the team got closer […]

  • Game On: Knicks @ Hornets

    Matchup: Knicks (10-9) @ Hornets (13-5) Off Efficiency: Hornets 103.6(15th), Knicks 107.7 (6th) Def Efficiency: Hornets 98.4(2nd), Knicks 105.9 (19th) Thanks to the amazing Dariusz Ejkiewicz for the Game Day Banner. The theme of the night will be conflicting styles, as the Knicks bring their fast paced offense (2nd fastest) to New Orleans (4th slowest). […]