No Shave Goatee

Published: November 22, 2010

At the beginning of the month, I started ‘No Shave November’ just like everyone else. Unfortunately, I’m Serbian, so I grew a Belinelli/Stojakovic beard very easily. I had to shave most of it off for a number of reasons, but I came up with a Hornets-related idea; I only left my chin unshaved & I began to grow a D West goatee.

Rather, than ‘No Shave November,’ I started doing ‘No Shave Goatee’ in honor of D West & the Hornets’ hot start. I told my friends I would keep growing it until the Hornets lost 8 games, the number of wins to start our historic season.

Would anyone else like to join me in my quest to grow to keep growing that D West goatee until we lose 8 games (or longer)??

I think this would be a fun/ridiculous idea to begin on this site (:


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