David West gets Booed Early in Return to New Orleans

Published: March 3, 2012

David West was booed early and often in the opening quarter of his first return to New Orleans since signing with the Pacers this offseason.

update– I just want to clarify that after the first four or five minutes, West didn’t get more than the occasional boo.

David West, a fan-favorite during his eight years in New Orleans, was booed repeatedly early in the first quarter, particularly when making shots. Frankly, I don’t really understand why we’re booing a guy who did more for this organization on the court than anyone not named CP3, but to each their own.

One thing to take from this is that when he returns, Chris Paul is going to get hell from the fans that used to love him. The past in the past, and apparently Hornets fans aren’t particularly kind to those they used to call their own. Today convinced me of that.

He did, however, receive an standing ovation from about half the arena following a video made in his honor after the first quarter. Fans know he’s earned our respect, but as they showed, that doesn’t mean that they are going to show him love for what he’s doing now.

He acknowledged the love from some of the fans with a waive.


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