Hornets247 Podcast – The Season Opens

Welcome to the first Hornets247.com Podcast.  Find out what the blog’s intrepid writers think – while at the same time discover that Schwan(right) and McNamara(wrong) never seem to agree on anything.  Also, feel free to wonder if Joe Gerrity knows that he used two different names for the Podcast before commenting on what you think it should be named.

Today’s topics: Marcus Thornton, the Collison trade, and whether Peja should be on the market.

Runtime is about 32 minutes.

We welcome, solicit, and even beg for constructive criticism – though not the “You guys suck” variety.  That’s not constructive, it just hurts our feelings.

30 responses to “Hornets247 Podcast – The Season Opens”

    • We are one in stupidity.

      FYI, for whoever cares: I tried IE, Firefox, and iphone (safari). I get a quicktime icon that does nothing in the first 2, and a no play icon on the phone.

  1. Very good listen. Honestly don’t have any complaints at all. Only suggestion is maybe include another person on future podcasts in case Ryan and Michael agree on the topics and we could get some different perspectives to talk about.

    Great job and looking forward to the next one. What’s the frequency of these shows looking like? Once a week?

  2. Did you guys do this podcast before the acquistion of Bayless? Sounded like it was. Would have loved to hear your guys’ take on the new addition.

    LOVED the Dr. John off the top! Major props for that

    • Yeah, it was done prior to Bayless. Here are my thoughts, and you can probably just assume the opposite from Ryan.

      – I think it is Bayless or Thornton as far as who is the future “spark off the bench” for this team. Maybe they both stay here this year, but I can’t see a scenario in which both are here opening day 2011.
      – I think Bayless has higher upside. Basically Bayless is same age now as Thornton was when he started his rookie year. Do I think today’s Jerryd Bayless can do what Thornton did last year if he got the minutes, opportunities, and shots Thornton did? Yes.
      – Bayless ceiling to me is Jason Terry in his prime with more athletisicm. Thornton is a less consistent, but better around the basket version of Ben Gordon. Could Jason Terry and Ben Gordon have come off the same bench?
      – I would rather see Bayless play with Belinelli and Paul and I would prefer Thornton to get nearly all his minutes with Paul, and the rest with Belinelli. Basically, I don’t want Bayless and Thornton on the court together. CP3 and Thornton start, Thornton come out at 6 minute mark (Bayless in). Bayless and Belinelli start 2nd quarter. MT5 in for Bayless at 9 minute mark, CP3 in for Belinelli at 6 minute mark, etc.
      – One way or another Bayless will do more for the Hornets this season than Thornton. Whether it is because Thornton is moved or Bayless just gets more minutes.

      My $.02

  3. Great listen. One thing struck me, I dont think you have to sell DC this off season. And the reverse of the whats the market approach works evaluating Ariza. “What would have Houston taken for him? ” Who was gonna pay more? Nobody I can see. He got a contract that Houston obviously didnt think he lived up to.

  4. Great listen. I loved listening to Schwan and McNamara go at it.

    As for the Iguodala gamble including Peja/Thornton and the Melo gamble including Peja/West/Thornton, I’d rather trade for Iguodala and Brand to keep West. We will have the best perimeter defense in the league, but Paul, Ariza, and Iguodala are all capable of making up for the rebounding deficiencies West may have. Our SG & SF would be quite tall for their position. I like the length there. We’d have to swallow brand, but so be it. Iguodala would more likely benefit from Paul than Anthony. He’s also a better defender, which is what we need. I’d definitely gamble there.

    My only suggestion would be to add quest speakers from time to time to keep it fresh.

    How frequent are these podcasts going to be??

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but trading away just Peja doesn’t mean we can take on the two huge contracts of AI and Brand. We’d have to add another largish contract to that such as David West (cause the sixers wont take Meka). In which case it’d be a horrible trade, unless Turner was also included in the deal.. Now if I’m wrong and you can take Brand and AI on for just Peja then why wouldnt you do it? Nobody is going to New Orleans in free agency unless their vastly overpaid (like Peja) and you cant vastly overpay a player like Melo that’s going to get a max contract anywhere so getting AI is the best the Hornets can do. The fact is what’s the point in being financially responsible right now? If CP leaves this team is going to be in a rebuilding stage immediately regardless of the roster. Getting AI would be giving the Hornets the best chance to keep Paul and win games. And if he leaves after 2 years because he’s tired of losing in the first and second rounds of the playoffs then you only have one year left on Brands contract, which is a rebuilding year anyway. So it’s perfect, his money comes off the books and we get draft picks. His contract doesn’t tie us down one bit. Being patient and conservative isn’t going to win you championships and isn’t going to win playoff series. It probably wont even get you into the playoffs. Trading for AI makes us a fun team to watch and gives us hope despite not being built to win a championship. In reality the Hornets never will win a championship. Along with a miriad of other teams. Only a handful of NBA franchises win championships and that’s just the way it is. So settling for second round bounces instead of struggling for the 8 seeds sounds more appealing to me.

  6. Nice.

    Joe sounded better going off-book rather than doing his Wink Martindale. It could be the name confusion is rooted in the lack of a punchy name. I have no idea what would sell, and I’m continually hampered by my love of puns.

    The self-effacing Droning On has an NPR feel, humble, nerdy but with an I’m-so-right smugness that’s just charming.

    Buzz Saw smacks of MMA, heavy metal, and other in-your-face marketing.

    My Cell has Six Walls us very college radio while Vespa is very college newspaper. Wasp Going On for the Marvin Gay savvy 8th Grade newsletter.

  7. Great work guys. I like the Dr. John intro and the NOLA post card pic. My only suggestion would be to breakdown the podcast into different segments and use music or sound fx to signify the transitions. I think that will really help move the show along.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Need Transitions. Joe Gerrity will say stuff like:

      “Now we’ll take a break while I go wax my armpits!”
      “We’ll be back in a moment, after I pluck my eyebrows!”

      Then we have music, followed by the sounds of Gerrity whimpering in pain before we start up again! Good, yes?

  8. Love listening to Michael & Ryan. These 2 guys are renewing my interest in basketball. Awesome job guys. When’s the next podcast?

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