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Party announcement and some site news

Published: December 3, 2008

Alright, time for some quick updates which don’t have much to do with the actual crossover dribbling and the three-point shooting and the boxing out of the opposing bigs because man we really could do with grabbing a rebound every now and then. Let’s go…

Holiday Watch Party

People say our season launch party was the stuff of legend, but really it was just a warm-up for our latest and greatest get-together which goes down on December 14th. That Sunday, we’ll be watching the Hornets-Raptors matinee at Handsome Willy’s (it was so good there last time we had to go back). Party gets rolling at 10:30am, game tips an hour later. No Saints that day either so no worries of a gridiron clash.

Willy’s will be grilling up a $7 buffet brunch and of course they’ll have the usual great deals on the drinks. Come along, watch the Hornets win one abroad, get full of the solids and the liquids, and meet a good bunch of fans.

We’ve got more details of the party in our calendar, and you can also RSVP on Facebook and/or MySpace.

Site Updates

An Introduction to Journals

I just got done writing up a brief intro to Journals. Apologies it took so long. You’ll find some guidelines in there so everyone knows what the expectations are for that part of the site. It’s all about creating a bunch of quality content that we can all read, share and enjoy.

I’m about to get working on a reference guide for all the buttons you see on the Journals toolbar. I realize all those controls can be a bit daunting, but I’ll have you mastering them in no time.


As you might have guessed from the RSVPness above, we’re now on MySpace. It’s great because now you can become friends with us, but you’ll never have to hang out with us or buy us birthday presents. Win-win!

(Oh, and in case you missed it, we’re also on Facebook, but you can’t become our friend over there, only our fan. It’s a little less personal, but worth doing all the same.)


The ever-thoughtful Dariusz Ejkiewicz (he who does the wallpapers) came up with the idea of creating a Hornets247 group on Flickr. So, we did. Anyone can join so long as they have a Flickr account (if you don’t, visit and you can get one quick and easy), and then submit images and photos to our pool. Dariusz has already put a bunch of stuff up there to get the ball rolling.

(Note that you might not be able to see anything in the pool if you’re not logged into Flickr. Methinks they only show non-members the images that have been added in the last week or so.)


Continuing our infestation gradual takeover of the interwebz, we’ve also setup a page on Netvibes. It’s all wicked funky and technological. Now all you have to do to keep up with the latest Hornets news and commentary is to visit that one page whenever you get the itch. We broke it up into a few tabs so it’s easier to navigate:

  • Hornets247: displays all the latest content from this very site.
  • Hornets Online: displays the latest updates from hand-picked Hornets sites and feeds.
  • NBA: displays the latest updates from some highly-recommended NBA blogs.

We’ve now got four radio stations on our Pandora page, having recently added the Tyson Chandler baby mix. There’s also a non-baby Pandora radio station set up for Tyson, as well for Chris Paul and David West.

(Pandora is a personalized internet radio service. Enter songs you like and Pandora will build a radio station based on your tastes. It’s all free and funky, but only available in the United States these days.)

Just in case you’re outside the US or not feeling Pandora, you can also listen to some Hornet-flavored music over at We just added whatever artists we heard the players liked to the library there and let it go to work.

And then some…

Bullet mode for the big finish:

  • Site activity feed: This was broken when we launched, but it’s fixed now. Good way to keep up with the latest on Hornets247.
  • Our YouTube group: Still going strong. Join and add stuff.
  • Links section: Recently updated, now listing something solid for every team. Let us know if we’re missing anything important.

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