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  • Weakside Eyes: Reviewing the Anthony Davis (Audio)

    Gerry talks about Anthony Davis, his improvement, and looks at the Spurs game for some examples. V on Davis’ Improvement V on Davis in the Spurs Game Gerry V is a 21-year NBA analyst, 17-year talk radio host, a 16-year coach . . . also hosts “News Talk” on 99.5 FM WRNO New Orleans 5 […]

  • Weakside Eyes: A Pelicans Questionnaire

    I mean ya asked me for da truth and dats what i’m given ya straight up — Tony “Toots” Morales Let’s just dive into this, shall we? I have listed some questions for you to tug on your brain with. All of them deal with the Pelicans. Answer the questions as best you can without […]

  • Weakside Eyes: The Legend of Austin Rivers

    I dunno know what the answer is. There’s something ’bout his game dat doesn’t make my eyes feel good –Lenny the Cabbie Since Jrue Holiday went down with an injury, the point guard debate has caused families to engage in dinner hour food fights. The surprise in all of this is the fact that I […]

  • Weakside Eyes: Love the No Timeout Call!

    Let’s get right to the point: I love the “no timeout call”. Many are so locked into the “You need a timeout to set up the last play!” thing . . . that’s not always the case. Unless you are attending every practice session, you don’t know what ‘special situations’ teams are working on. By […]

  • Weakside Eyes: First Look

    Here are a few basketball thoughts and observations after six games played by the Pelicans. I’m not going to get into numbers, just pure observations and thoughts I had while watching the team. It’s the way I would observe players at basketball camps. Jrue Holiday: Nice quicks . . . good handle but at times […]

  • Weakside Eyes: Gauge Your Frontal Lobes!

    The New Orleans Pelicans are currently riding on the limo of the unbeaten! As I write this, I stiff arm those that have asked, “Now do you think they’ll be a playoff team?” My stiff arm is followed by a few slaps with a cold, wet washcloth . . . the charitable side of me […]

  • Weakside Eyes: Summer Reading, Part 4

    “Cherish today, ’cause tomorrow can be real crazy” Don’t say “its not working;” explain why it’s not working. While watching a game, can you explain why a team is winning/losing and how those things are happening? Help the “help defender.” Never let the helper’s man score. Can your defense get 3 stops in a row? […]

  • Weakside Eyes: Summer Reading, Part 3

    I enjoy sharing from my many notebooks that I used during my years coaching high school and college and in my twenty-one years as an NBA analyst and clinic speaker. To this day, I am adding to my journals notes about the game that has been very good to me. As a coach, you have […]

  • Weakside Eyes: Summer Reading, Part 2

    “It doesn’t pay to be good at something that rarely happens in a ball game” Be good at what happens in a basketball game. Sounds self explanatory, but it needs to be explained because it reminds us that the basics will forever rule basketball performance. Passing Ball handling Shooting Defensive situations Good coaches include these […]

  • Weakside Eyes: Summer Reading

    I will monitor and carefully observe Anthony Davis to see if he will improve his defensive work as far as alertness and proper reactions and proper reads/rotations… place this in the “he better” file Will Withey display the required footwork in defending vs pick and rolls? Is he a true shot blocker or a player […]

  • Weakside Eyes: It’s Summer League

    Jimmy, did ya see dat move? Did ya see what he did? The kid is gonna be a star, Jimmy! Calm down kid, it’s the Summer League . . . plus, ya see who was guarding him? — Uncle Jimmy giving advice to Lil’ Nicky Bops Resist the emotional pull of the moment NBA Summer […]

  • Weakside Eyes: The Art In Basketball

    Image courtesy of John Robinson at Street Credible Art Basketball Riffs “Just as in life, basketball has its moments of chaos . . . you need to adapt to them” The New Orleans Pelicans have improved themselves in a most vital area of play in the NBA. Evans, Holiday, and Gordon will allow the Pelican […]

  • Weakside Eyes: New Orleans Pelicans 2013 Offseason Changes

    Anderson for Asik Rumors Would I do the Ryan Anderson for the Houston Rocket’s Omer Asik trade if I could? Yes, I would. Many, when looking at this deal, simply address the offensive side of the floor, as Anderson is a “stretch 4” who can shoot the ball . . . . What is being […]