Lottery Watch Party 5/17 @ Tracey’s!

Tracey's logo 0211It’s that time of year for the NBA draft lottery! Currently the Pelicans are slotted for the 6th overall pick, but with the lottery you never know. The Pelicans have a 21.5% chance of landing a top three pick. So come join us at Tracey’s on Third and Magazine Street and see if we can collectively will it to happen!

Check out here for the Pelicans’ odds for every draft pick. Head over to ESPN’s lottery simulator to get a feel for what may actually play out.

This is a very important moment for the franchise, as where the fall will likely determine their plan for the offseason. Grab a top 3 pick and everything changes. If it falls below 6? Well, that’s going to leave Dell Demps in a certain predicament. Does he trade the pick or keep it?

So come on by Tracey’s and talk Pelicans with all our writers. Let us know what you think about the offseason and who you’d like the Pelicans to draft! We’ll see you there!

What You Need To Know

When: Tuesday 5/17 at 5:45 pm central. But we’ll be there early to talk Pelicans

Where: Tracey’s Original Irish Channel Bar. Third and Magazine Street.

Who: Bourbon Street Shots. And You! And your friends!

The Result: Hopefully no lower than the 6th pick.

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