Can Lightning strike twice? The Pelicans lottery odds

May 17th is lottery day, and could be huge for the Pelicans both next year and on the trade market. So – here’s a table illustrating the positions the Pelicans could land in the draft and what their chances are to land in each.

Pick Chance
1st 6.3%
2nd 7.1%
3rd 8.1%
4th 0%
5th 0%
6th 43.9%
7th 30.4%
8th 4%
9th 0.1%

The NBA Lottery gives teams a chance to move up to spots 1 through 3, which is why the Pelicans can’t end up in the 4th or 5th spots without a trade.  Sadly, these odds tell us the team is more likely to fall from the 6th position(34.5% chance) than they are to move up to one of those top 3 spots.(21.5% chance)

Keep your fingers crossed!

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