Game On: New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors, Game 1

Not going to post a ton of new preview stuff here, because there is already tons of tremendous information on the site. If you want to know how the Pelicans can score against the Warriors #1 ranked defense, Chris Romaguera has a terrific piece here, and if you want to know how we can lock them down on defense, check out my detailed breakdown here. If that’s not enough, our own Mason Ginsberg took a look at all of the Warriors losses and their common denominators.

We have a couple different preview podcasts, here and here, and even a tale of how this series is three years in the making and can be traced back to Marco Belinelli and Chris Wright here. Oh, and if you want to read about what AD (not Curry) should be the NBA MVP, take a look at this.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Watch Party at Tracey’s today, if you want to watch the game with some die hard fans and our writers. Lastly, after looking it all over, here are the three biggest keys to the game.

1. Keep Golden State off the glass – Their offense is already good enough. Don’t give them additional opportunities. Golden State doesn’t crash the boards much with their first unit, but watch out when Marresse Speights is in the game. Lee was/is dangerous too, but he will be out for Game 1.

2. Keep the turnovers to a minimum – This was the key to the Spurs game and the reason the Pelicans were so competitive early in the season despite being horrid from deep was because of the fact that they didn’t turn it over. This is especially important today, as the Warriors lead the league in points off of turnovers.

3. Bring ‘Home Ryan Anderson’ to Golden State – This matchup begs for Ryan Anderson next to Anthony Davis. Those guys pull Bogut out of the paint, and if you can do that, it opens up the Pelicans whole offense. Sadly, Anderson has been terrible on the road this year, but if he could be that guy we have seen at home (46% FG, 42% from three), the Pelicans offense can be deadly.


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