Weakside Eyes: Facing the Warriors

Published: April 18, 2015

Straight away, Anthony Davis must have a superb series or the Pelicans will find them themselves gasping versus a Golden State team that leads the NBA in pace. GS soars and stretches you both North – South & East – West . . . superb spacing blessed with superior firepower.

Davis will be now introduced to basketball where the pressure will be at its highest.

Asik and Anderson

Asik will be required to rebound the ball and display alert “and find the ball / man” defensive transition . . .his rim protection / lane patrolling defense will be tested versuus one of the best offensive cutting teams in the league.

Anderson’s shooting ability you hope will be at a high level since the Pelicans must maximize their offensive trip ups the floor. The 3-ball could be golden for New Orleans


  • Can New Orleans defend Golden State at the top of their defense?
  • Can the Pelicans defend a team that is #4 in the NBA finding open cutters for clean catches? Golden State is a very efficient team as they find their cutter for catches at a 64% clip. MAKE NOTE OF THIS!
  • The Pelicans better be at their best when it comes to “off the ball defensive rotations / help” situations
  • Transition Defense: How many will the Pelicans send to the offensive glass versus the #1 Fast Break team in the NBA? Pelicans better cover back and make sure they locate man and ball in a hurry as Golden State can fly!

Alphabet from Hell

Golden State:
a – Top 2 Offensive Efficiency in the NBA
b – #1 Fast Break per game minimum 22 per . . . #2 fast break efficiency
c – #1 pts per game: 110
d – #2 pts from 3pt fgs, #2 3ptfg made
e – 30% of their scoring comes from the 3pt fg
f – #2 pts in the paint
g – #1 eff fg% 54%
h – #1 fg%
i – 2pt fg% 51%
j – Top 2 3pt fg% 39%, #2 3pt fg made
k – #1 assist ratio
l – #1 PACE
m – #4 Def Reb
n – #1 WINS
p – #1 DEF VS 2PT FG’S
q – #4 finding open cutter 64% rate
r – Curry 44% 3ptfg% off the dribble
s – Won 18 in a row at home
t – Curry 24 its per & Thompson 22 per
u – #5 def vs the 3ptfg
v – 61-6 when they have more assist ( refer to ‘K” again)
w – #1 Efg% defense
x – Golden State Defends
y – Golden State can score
z – Golden State in FIVE

Pelicans cannot have major defensive lapses (as they have had all season long) against this team. Golden State can deliver a flurry of quick jabs followed by explosive power punches that will drop you to the floor in a hurry. Can the Pelicans play at a high emotional and physical level in this series?

In Closing:

    • Davis must be superb
    • The 3-ball must drop
    • The defense must be at its collective best
    • The Pelicans’ guard play must be superb!
    • Can the Pelicans get to places they have never been?

Gerry V is a 21-year NBA analyst, 17-year talk radio host, a 16-year coach . . . also hosts “News Talk” on 99.5 FM WRNO New Orleans 5 a.m. – 9 a.m. every weekday. Follow Gerry V on twitter (@GVTalk).

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