In the NO Podcast Episode 187: Anthony Davis at the World Cup

Michael and I talk Anthony Davis and his showing at the FIBA World Cup! We address what he’s done so far, what he can take away from this experience, what we still want to see, and if I was right about him not breaking out. Then Michael loves him some Eric Gordon. Sigh. And then I ambush him!

Good times!

Enjoy the Podcast!

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5 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 187: Anthony Davis at the World Cup”

  1. I agree with mike on what AD needs to do to be a better defender. Reaching for steals on guards and trying to block every shot will results in some foul trouble a lot. Hopefully working with some like Omer will help him see how to defend without fouling. Great podcast by the way.

  2. I 100% agree with McNamara. 
    Why would we worried whether Eric Gordon opts out? I hope He plays awesome, helps us move to the top our division and conference and we trade him. We could move Tyreke to SG, get our new starting SF. I just cannot see Gordon in the future plans of this team beyond his existing contract.
    What is the deadline for Gordon to announce whether He opts out of the last year of his contract or not?

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