Free Ideas to Decorate the Smoothie King Center

Published: March 8, 2017

When I was a kid I re-arranged the furniture in my room at least once a month. Later my mom revealed that her mom did the same thing and so every time I spent a Sunday afternoon pushing my bed to the other side of the room or switching the bookshelf with the dresser, it made her smile. I’m not trying to re-arrange the setup of the precious Smoothie King Center, but I do have some ideas for improvements. And I want another reason to smile. These ideas are free, Mr. Benson and company. If you need someone to pull the cloth off the statue at the reveal party I suggest below I think that would make for a fine way to reimburse me.

Anthony Davis > Wilt Chamberlain
While a statue may be too much (more on that later, scroll down this column), I am confident in my prediction than the All-Star Game scoring record owned by Anthony Davis is  proof that he is better than Wilt Chamberlain ever was (more on this much later, scroll down on this crystal ball I have locked in my closet). I am also extremely confident that the scoring record will age quite nicely, given the incoming changes to the All-Star Game making the event more competitive and less like a WWE slash Globetrotters event. All of the love and respect to both Stamford and Harlem. Let us praise the scoring record that will stand the test of time with a gigantic spread in the main entrance of the Smoothie King Center concourse. Speaking of the All-Star game…

All-Star Game Banners
Hear me out. Banners in the rafters are usually reserved to honor retired players and commemorate championships. To hang a banner for an event will be mocked by many, especially since we don’t have any of the previously mentioned franchise highlights. But to New Orleans, a community of big game getters, stellar party planners, and elite event organization, nabbing events like the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, and the NBA All-Star Weekend is what we do. Perhaps we should be proud of our charm and display the banners that allow us the opportunity to boast about our way of grabbing these marquee events.

Statue Maravich
New Orleans bests Atlanta in a myriad of ways. Despite being drafted by the Hawks, Maravich played for the Jazz in more seasons, looked better in purple and gold (twice) than he did in whatever the Hawks donned those days, and the Saints never blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl. The Hawks recently dropped a banner honoring Pistol Pete and well, what’s better than a banner? A statue. A status right in the middle of the main entrance outside the Smoothie King Center. Reveal it at a Jazz/Pelicans game which, for the record, should be an annual look at the history of basketball in New Orleans. Make the Jazz wear all white jerseys sans numbers and names and for one night only, give New Orleans the original brand back.

What changes would you like to make at the Smoothie King Center? Sound off in the comments are tweet me (@ChrisTrew)!

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