Gerry V: 2013 NBA Finals Game #3

Published: June 12, 2013

A huge swing from Game #2 to Game #3 in the NBA Finals as the Spurs shredded the Heat 113-77. Here are some items for you to chat about as you enjoy a lunch or dinner with friends. Open the conversation with the following questions…

  1. So is LeBron feeling the weight of expectations again?
  2. Why when “ISO” vs Duncan on the perimeter didn’t he just attack the big fella and finish him off?
  3. Why doesn’t he take advantage of maybe a 2nd screen to get open for better looks?
  4. Why did Kawhi Leonard (14pts and 12 rebs… double digit rebs in all three games so far) make LeBron miss 11 of his first 13 shots?
  5. Why is LeBron shooting a poor 21/54 at 38.8% vs the Spurs? 18pts… 17pts… 15pts in the first 3 games?  ZERO FT att’s in the game!

    * See if your friend noticed how the Spurs were “going under” pick & rolls vs LeBron to bait him into jumpers… He did as he settled and didn’t attack the lane or rim.

    * In the NBA FINALS LeBron James is 7/30 in FG attempts outside the lane… He was 2/14 in Game #3 in that area

After peppering the dinner conversation with those questions, order another cocktail for your friend if he so happens to be a Miami fan.

In Game #3:

  • The Spurs had a 19-9 offensive rebeound advantage which help yield a 20-11 2nd chance points margin.
  • The Heat never led.
  • The Spurs won the fastbreak 20-11 (only had 3 pts in this area in game 2)

    I mentioned in my last post to make a note of shot location as the Spurs missed several shots… I said if the penetration were to continue and those shots were made it would be rough for Miami… The Spurs are 315/544 in the playoffs from 8 ft or closer to the rim for a 58% success rate…

    * KEY STAT as it indicates ball movement and penetration vs the Miami defense.

  • The 3-Ball has been a killer for the Spurs… 39% for the entire Playoffs… I love how they place 3-ballers in the corners (flattens out the defense and hampers “help defenders”… the Spurs are 43/109 shooting the corner 3-ball… 39%… healthy stat…
  • Did you notice how the Spurs went under the pick and rolls vs Lebron?
  • So far in the series the Spurs have:
    1. blitzed the pick & roll (trap)
    2. switched vs the pick & roll
    3. went under the pick & roll
  • Kawhi Leonard was a beast in game 3!!

Paging Mr. LeBron James! Paging Mr. LeBron James! Will Mr LeBron James please report to the hotel front desk for an very important message!


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