Gerry V: 2013 NBA Finals Game #2

Game #2 is now done and Miami has provided us with some tasty morsels for your next lunch or dinner conversation.

Here are a few items that you can inject while you and you dinner guest discuss the game. Use them as you see fit.

  • The Heat won Game 2 103-84…Why?
    1. Better defensive effort… they switched up vs pick and rolls at times vs the blitz schemes they used in Game #1… Miami defended well, evidence of this was the number of times the Spurs found themselves in “late clock” situations and had to settle for the jumper.
    2. Balanced scoring from several players

      *James only had 17, but Chalmers and others kicked in some numbers.

    3. The Heat has terrific defensive team speed, and we saw more of that this time because they forced 17 turnovers for 19 pts.

      *Remember I mentioned that Miami likes to run off turnovers, and they won the Fast break game 13-3

  • A bloody 33-5 Miami run was simply devastating… The Heat shot 12/13 in that run while the Spurs were 2-10 with 6 turnovers… Miami also attempted five 3’s and made them all… It went from a 62-61 game to 94-67!
  • Miami won the last 5 minutes of the game 17-7 as they went 6/9 FG’s vs 3-6 for the Spurs… Miami made 2/3 with their 3’s…The Spurs zero… Miami went 3/3 FT’s and the Spurs 1/2…..the ‘Kill” stat was watching the Spurs turn the ball over 4 times in those 5 minutes, giving up 8 pts.
  • Chalmers and James were terrific when they ran the pick and roll together… 6/9.
  • The Spurs were a poor 10/23 shooting the ball within 5 ft (keep that stat in mind in Game #3 as that indicates shot location… If the Spurs make those shots or continue that kind of penetration it could be painful for Miami.
  • The Spurs defense was strained and stretched as the Heat were getting numbers from more than 7 players…
  • I can’t remember the last time Tim Duncan player so poorly in a playoff game… Tim Duncan is 3-16 when defended by Udonis Haslem… when Udonis is the main defender or rotating help defender.
  • Miami won quarters 2,3, and 4… margins of +5… +5… +9…
  • Miami led by 27pts in the 2nd half… They won the 2nd half 53-39
  • Since the 2-3-2 format began in 1985, the winner of Game #3 (when the series was tied) went on to win the series 92% of the time.

Enjoy your dinner conversation by injecting these morsels into your chat.

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