Rapid Reaction – Eric Gordon Undergoes Arthroscopic Ankle Procedure

Published: May 10, 2013

In news that came as a surprise to most of the basketball world this morning, the Pelicans announced that Eric Gordon underwent a successful arthroscopic procedure on his left ankle.

The New Orleans Pelicans announced today that guard Eric Gordon underwent a successful arthroscopic procedure yesterday in his left ankle to alleviate pain caused by particles of scar tissue. The procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Ferkel of the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic in Los Angeles, CA.

Gordon is currently recovering from the procedure and will begin rehabilitation immediately while returning to basketball activities later in the summer.

What follows are very brief reactions and opinions from Jason and I.


Mason Ginsberg: I’m still not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, this injury helps to explain Gordon’s lackluster 2012-13 season. On the other hand, add this procedure to the list of Eric Gordon maladies. It’s certainly nice to see the team’s most expensive player toughing out games despite the ankle pain, and hopefully him being allowed to play means doing so wouldn’t make the injury worse. It will be interesting to see how, if the team looks to move him this summer, other teams react to the injury. Do they respect Gordon’s drive to play even with this lingering issue? Or does it scare teams away even more as a result of his prior injury history? Only time will tell.


Jason Calmes: While Eric Gordon has taken inordinately long to recover from arthroscopic surgery on his knee, I am, perhaps incorrectly, not too worried about this injury to his left ankle. We had some information about this earlier, as tweeted out by his family, yet he continued to play and to play well. He even upped his output level (slightly) we he played in his first back-to-back in over a year near the season’s end. Plus, he has not injured either ankle in his professional career, so this should not aggravated some linger condition or residual damage, though the team did say that it was to remove scar tissue, so something may be smoldering. It does raise more questions about his overall durability.

Overall, this seems to be handled much better than the last . . . matter . . . and it seems less serious. Time will, of course, tell.


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