Bienvenue en Bourbon Street Shots

Bourbon Street Shots is the new name for the site you’ve known and loved for so long, Hornets247.

We’ll tell you what you need to do with links, etc. below, but for now, just read and enjoy.

As our readers know, we were on the name change situation from before the start of the Benson era. As our readers may not know, we started bandying names about immediately, already having the short list of team names (Pelicans was on it). After a year of deliberation, we wound up here.

Some will love the name, some not, many won’t care, but here’s some background if you care. Early on, we got some advice to not include the team name in the title. This gives brand independence that cuts both ways . . . it’s clear we are not a part of the team and not treading on their intellectual property, but it may not be clear that we are dedicated to covering the New Orleans Pelicans. Well, the content makes that clear to readers and search engines, so that sort of solves the issue. Also, there were a number of names that were preferable. Some of them cost $50,000 or more, though. Getting a new, complete brand is tough (people pay BIG bucks for that). Trust us, we know. (More on this at SLAM).

Regardless, this is where we are, and this is where we will stay.

With the rebrand here, much will stay familiar. All the writers are still here. All the articles are still here. All your bookmarks will work. Old links to your favorite stories, they’ll just redirect. (Still, you should update your bookmarks, etc. in case we ever let the old domain lapse.) The twitter has updated to @BourbonStShots, so if you were following before, then all is well. If not, go ahead and follow. We’ll still provide all the posts you love and all the posts of mine, too.

Just like we got better over the last year with the site redesign and adding writers and reader-submitted posts, we’ll continue to add quality to this community in ways that you can probably guess and in some ways you almost certainly can’t.

We’re very excited.

Thanks for sticking with us, giving us a chance, and giving us all of those second chances we’ve needed along the way.

We’ll be tweaking things this weekend (and maybe past that), so please excuse our progress.

Now, how about them Pelicans?!?!

24 responses to “Bienvenue en Bourbon Street Shots”

  1. YESSS!!
    Glad to finally see the new name!
    Good Stuff Fellas,

    But now its time to get back to speculating about the offseason!

    Geaux Pels? Pelicans?
    We’ll figure out the short name out later I guess…

  2. It is fitting that the new name for the site is unnecessary and awkward, just like the name change for the team we all love. I am not surprised that the money grab for apparel has spilled over into website naming rights as well. Sorry you guys have to waste so much time and effort, but keep up the great work reporting on the team!

  3. I think a name that differs from the team name is fine. Honestly I continue to dislike the name Pelicans as it relates to the team. So you guys going in a different directions is refreshing.

    And if we happen to rename the team(which I think is very possible) you guys are ahead of the curve.

    • I can tell two things from your post stranger……
      1.)You are not from here.
      2.)You do not know Tom Benson.
      …..And to add a last you know nothing of the playing for the name on the front of the jersey opposed to the back mentality.

    • Removed for all.

      I hate them. If people like something or not, they can say it and say it well.


      • I personally thought the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons were helpful in determining what the other fans thought about different things. If everyone had to comment just to say “I disagree” it may become congested.

      • I’m cool with it. Wasn’t something that I used. We have enough things that are overly simplified in this world.

      • Totally fine with their removal, and the desire to make people use words instead. Just didn’t see it mentioned and thought it was a glitch.

      • As you should mention.

        We’ll be tweaking things, so user feedback is essential.

        We’ll take suggestions.

        Maybe I’ll post the list…

      • I’ll work on that. There are bigger fish to fry, but I’ll get to it.

  4. Just moved down into the city and from name you can probably guess where I live haha. Since I moved down thought now was the time to get an account. You guys do great work, I will often look on some of the other TrueHoop sites and Hornets247 was head and shoulders above many. I also would like to say thx for being often impartial and being a great site for a hard team to pull for right now!

  5. I love the content of the site, so the name really wouldn’t have mattered, but I do like it. And moving away from the teams name was really a smart move IMO. You guys do an excellent job and I’m glad to have this outlet for Pelicans news and insight. I would hope that the brain trust of the organization refers to this site to hear the heart of Pelicans fans. Keep up the good work.

  6. I love the new name, great job. I wanna know what name people were trying to sell for 50K though, PelicansBrief?? Lol either way I think this name is better. LONG LIVE BSS!!

    • I think we’ll have a fun post up about the naming process.

      I’ll answer anything after that.

  7. Even though it’s fewer syllables than hornets247, bourbon street shots doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. In conversation around the office, I guess it’ll get shortened to BSS or something since you can’t shorten it to Bourbon Street or Bourbon Shots or Street Shots. Those make no sense.

  8. I don’t love the name and one of the explanations doesn’t make a ton of sense… you say you were asked to keep “Pelicans” out of the name, but why then did you change “HornetsReport” to “PelicansReport”? Presumably if the front office didn’t approve of this blog having “Pelicans” in the name they’d feel the same about the dedicated message board?

  9. Thumbs were abused so I applaud taking them off, and won’t miss them for the time being.  I like the changes and the name reps something deeper than just NBA.  “Thumbs up”

  10. I’m starting to apprecite the name because it’s weeding out fair weather fans and bandwagoners.  If you down for the city, team, and cause you’ll rep Pelicans even at the expense of your ego and pride.  Our core has been generated and when the new team facility opens you’ll feel the wave building…..better get in postion now my friend!

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