Bienvenue en Bourbon Street Shots

Published: May 10, 2013

Bourbon Street Shots is the new name for the site you’ve known and loved for so long, Hornets247.

We’ll tell you what you need to do with links, etc. below, but for now, just read and enjoy.

As our readers know, we were on the name change situation from before the start of the Benson era. As our readers may not know, we started bandying names about immediately, already having the short list of team names (Pelicans was on it). After a year of deliberation, we wound up here.

Some will love the name, some not, many won’t care, but here’s some background if you care. Early on, we got some advice to not include the team name in the title. This gives brand independence that cuts both ways . . . it’s clear we are not a part of the team and not treading on their intellectual property, but it may not be clear that we are dedicated to covering the New Orleans Pelicans. Well, the content makes that clear to readers and search engines, so that sort of solves the issue. Also, there were a number of names that were preferable. Some of them cost $50,000 or more, though. Getting a new, complete brand is tough (people pay BIG bucks for that). Trust us, we know. (More on this at SLAM).

Regardless, this is where we are, and this is where we will stay.

With the rebrand here, much will stay familiar. All the writers are still here. All the articles are still here. All your bookmarks will work. Old links to your favorite stories, they’ll just redirect. (Still, you should update your bookmarks, etc. in case we ever let the old domain lapse.) The twitter has updated to @BourbonStShots, so if you were following before, then all is well. If not, go ahead and follow. We’ll still provide all the posts you love and all the posts of mine, too.

Just like we got better over the last year with the site redesign and adding writers and reader-submitted posts, we’ll continue to add quality to this community in ways that you can probably guess and in some ways you almost certainly can’t.

We’re very excited.

Thanks for sticking with us, giving us a chance, and giving us all of those second chances we’ve needed along the way.

We’ll be tweaking things this weekend (and maybe past that), so please excuse our progress.

Now, how about them Pelicans?!?!


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