The 1st Annual Doherty Awards

Published: May 9, 2013

Every respectable organization doles out awards and well, why shouldn’t we? This year our offices got all kinds of upgrades – Jason Calmes got a bowling alley installed near the break room, Andrew Smith got google glasses and Jake Madison grew 2 inches. Lots to be excited about in our (soon to be refurbished, again) offices. But like any community-minded person with a
passion for hustling, we want to honor people other than ourselves. We already gave each other massive long term contract extensions anyway, putting this site way over the Truehoop salary cap (sorry, Joe Gerrity).

About The Dohertys
The new annual awards show honoring moments and characters from each season. Named after the founder of Hornets247, Niall Doherty.

Without further ado…The Dohertys!

The Sweet Boy Award: LANCE THOMAS

Photo from Lyons Yellin

We’re not sure what Lance Thomas did for his boo on Valentine’s Day, but we know what he did for Hornets fans who showed up to the McDonalds on Canal Street between 7:00 and 8:00p with a ticket stub from the previous night’s game. He purchased them each a bag of french fries (17% of your daily fat allowance) after he “ruined” the “Free Fries when the Hornets score 100 points” promotion the night before. The game was over (one of the Hornets’ 27 victories), but the fans reacted quite negatively to the whole “gotta buy your own fries” thing. Lance felt bad and well, he purchased everyone fries. That’s a sweet boy move right there.

Runner-up: Robin Lopez (because of this)

The Road Dog Award: AL-FAROUQ AMINU

What do you value most in a road trip partner? Intelligent conversation (What do you think happens when you die?), playful chatter (Which finger would you assign the most strength to if you had 15 units of strength to distribute and no finger could have more than 5 units?) or complete silence? Most here in the Hornets247 office prefer the latter so the runaway winner for The Road Dog Award is the “backup small forward of the future”. Or “future San Antonio All-Star”. Or “the better Julian Wright”. Guess it depends on who you ask. Just don’t ask him.

Runner-up: Robin Lopez (you can ask him questions about twins and since he’s from Stanford he’ll probably be pretty polite)


The Smith-Birdman Memorial Award: CHRIS PAUL


Which former Hornet had the most annoying season? Easy, that’s the former savior of Crescent City Hoops, Chris Paul. But good news, optimists, he’ll have the most amazing season next year when he comes back to the Big Easy. We won’t tell him he won this award though, just like we won’t tell him how most of us are still on the Memphis bandwagon.

Runner-up: Jannero Pargo (because he’s still in the league)

Performance of the Year RYAN ANDERSON – November 23rd, 2012

The team added a loss to their statsheet but Ryno was good for 34 points, including 8 from downtown.

Runner-up: Robin Lopez (29 points, ten shots, one turnover – according to Mason Ginsberg, no center has done that since Tim Duncan in 2001)

Chime in on the comments below – what do you think was the Performance of the Year?

Runner-Up of the Year: ROBIN LOPEZ

It’s the least we could do, Robin. Love your instagram.

Runner-up: Robin Lopez

The Dohertys were compiled and edited by staff columnist Chris Trew with input from the Hornets247 staff. Follow Chris on Twitter here and Hornets247 here.


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