Jerry Colangelo Speaks About Eric Gordon Not Making Team USA

Published: July 7, 2012

It sounds like Gordon would have had a better chance of making Team USA if he’s played more games last year, but Harden’s size advantage may have been the determining factor.


I got the awesome privilege of speaking with Jerry Colangelo earlier about Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis. Unfortunately I was separated from Andrew so we don’t have video of the entire thing, just audio.

Me: “Is there anything you can tell me about Eric Gordon’s reaction to being picked, and was it largely because he hasn’t played as much lately as the other guys?”

Jerry: “Well that was a factor. Eric, we know he can shoot the ball, he’s a pitbull defensively, but he hasn’t played much. It’s difficult to get a read on where he might be a week from now, two weeks from now. But it was another coinflip between him and James Harden at that position. We have some small guards. Harden is a bigger guy. We were kind of missing… you know we have a number of players [that are taller] and some small players. We needed some players in between. Iguoldala and Harden kind of fit that roll.”

Me: “Were you worried that because he hasn’t played much competitive basketball lately that he might get hurt or that his body might not be able to hold up?”

Jerry: “Well that was a decision that he had to make. He knew his contractual situation was what it was. Some players in that position have gotten insurance and I’m assuming that had been taken care of because that’s usually what takes place, and he came very close to making it. He was one of the last players selected for the Worlds back in 2010. It’s kind of interesting. He hasn’t played a full season yet  and he’s a max player in the NBA. It’s kind of an interesting thing.”

Me: “I heard a report that he was kind of hurt that he wasn’t chosen–”

Jerry: “Well you would expect any player that wasn’t chosen to feel hurt or slighted because it’s not easy. He handled our meeting– the meeting he had with coach K and myself– and certainly after the fact it probably set in.”

Me: “Gordon’s having a tough week…”

Jerry: “Yeah”



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