Los Struggles Continue For the Pelicans on Spanish Night

The Jazz snapped a 5-game losing streak against the New Orleans Pelicans in a 106-94 win. This is the Pelicans 4th loss in a row. Unlike their prior three losses, the Pelicans never led in the fourth quarter.

How the Pelicans fared on their keys to the game:

  • Davis Rolling- Anthony Davis’ totals look gaudy, with 29 points and 11 rebounds. Unfortunately, Davis made only 11 of his 31 shots, missing more shots than he ever has in a regular season game. Davis got a lot of contested looks in the first half, and even though he got rolling in the third, that rhythm didn’t stick with him in the fourth quarter, and eventually, the Pelicans just didn’t have enough firepower.
  • Pace- While the game seemed faster, the Pelicans weren’t able to get many fastbreak points out of it, being outscored 6-4 by the Jazz. Asik had a beautiful feed to Gordon for an early layup in the first quarter, making up half the team’s fastbreak points.
  • Turnovers- The Pelicans survived Davis’ struggles early in the game by forcing the Jazz into nine early turnovers, while only having one turnover for the entire first half. In the second half, the Pelicans had seven turnovers to the Jazz’s five, giving the advantage up.


  • Omer Asik played extremely well against Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert. Asik ended up a +12, highest on the team, scoring four points with six rebounds. While that won’t net him an All-Star game anytime soon, Asik was clearly a net positive tonight.
  • Eric Gordon broke the same finger (his right ring finger) with a little over four minutes to go in the second quarter. The injury, if perceived to be on a similar timeline (which seems to be the early prognosis) would essentially press Gordon up until the end of the year. Gentry talked about Gordon as if assuming he will be out for the year.
  • Which leads the Pelicans to Jrue Holiday returning to the starting lineup. Holiday started the second half, and Head Coach Alvin Gentry confirmed that he is expecting to start Holiday the rest of the season. Gentry said “At some stage we have to start thinking about the future, looking at the future that was one of the reasons that I stuck Jrue out there to start the second half.”
  • Davis also talked about next season. He said “You got to start building a foundation for next year.”

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