Free Agents That Might Not Be On Your Radar

Published: June 28, 2011

As heartbreaking as David West and Aaron Gray opting out may be, truly, a lot of the problems with the Hornets roster were not the starting 4 (other than the obvious huge hole at SG) but in rotation players who couldn’t ever seem to find their groove.

We’ve seen that Dell Demps is the type of GM who looks for value in his trades and free agent signings. No doubt he’s thinking long and hard about how to sign Landry, West, or Landry and West and shore up the PF position.  But in the back of his mind he knows that we need depth on this team, a starting consistent SG, and a backup center. After taking a look at CBS’s “Top 40 Players in NBA Free Agency,” here are a few off-the-radar pickups that might be worth a look.

Marcus Thornton – Last week he wouldn’t even be on this list, but with the addition of Jimmer Fredrette and John Salmons, and Tyreke Evans, Sac-town now has four guards who need the ball in their hands to score. They might let MT5 come back.  Also, we know this would make the fans happy, and would eliminate a need for the re-signing of Bellinelli (or Willie Green, although with Monty’s penchant for playing Willie at every position from 1 to 3 he has some utility). Hey, you never know, right?

Nick Young – SG – A guy that the Hornets loved in the 2007 Draft but decided instead to go with the versatility of Julian Wright (love how that one turned out). The man can defend multiple positions (he’s 6’7) can score and had a breakout season last year with the Wizards, so he will probably come at a higher price than say, Mt5.

Tracy McGrady – F – Might have something left in the tank, you never know. The idea of teaming with CP3 might entice him to come on down. He can still score and play the wing. Vince Carter should be bought out and a free agent as well, but both of these players will be chasing a championship and may look to the Heat-Knicks-LA-Dallas level of teams.

Alexis Ajinca – C – French national who last played in Toronto and could play some decent backup center minutes for us. With Gray likely gone (his value has never been higher and he’s just not worth the long-term deal) that leaves us with David Anderson and D.J. Mbenga. I’d like to see him on an non-guaranteed contract and see how he does in training camp. Anderson might be a nice throw in on a trade later.

This post was submitted by OldRepublic.


  1. Hordan

    June 28, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Nice journal. I wish we knew what happened with Marcus and the staff so we could really know why he didn’t fit in. They kept it quiet, so we’ll probably never know. It just doesn’t make sense that a guy of his talent level would be traded. i think he’s cutting his ties with the organization after what happened with his minutes. I think he’s the type of scorer that we need at two but obviously the organization doesn’t. It’s a big mystery.
    I’m not sure about Nick Young. His dedication to defense would have to become priority number one with Monty. I think he’s a risk, but with small market teams you have to take risks and get lucky in order to be successful.
    Tracy wouldn’t be bad off the bench at all, but I don’t know if he wants to retire here. Ditto with Vince.

    • OldRepublic

      June 28, 2011 at 3:52 pm

      The thing with Nick Young is he’s probably the 3rd or 4th best available Guard, so if we show interest in him early we might be able to sign him with the “these guys wanted me back in 07 and now I get to play next to CP3, sign me up.”

      I think there are a number of older vets we could take a flyer on and see how it goes. A couple of names that come to mind are T-mac, Vince, Allen Iverson and Juwan Howard. All are free agents (or will be).

  2. Nick Malone aka yankeesman77

    June 28, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I wouldn’t want anything to do with a broken down Vinsanity or TMac. I’d target Jrich or Nick Young or MT5 to the 2 spot and let Belli and Green walk.

  3. F******

    June 29, 2011 at 8:25 am

    I like your selection. You obviously didn’t read my post I submitted couple of hours before yours, so it’s even more groundbreaking that you mentioned Ajinca as a useful possibility, too. Concerning him, I still think he is no center. Of course that only means that in my mind he won’t have success playing center in the classical sense night in and night out and won’t be the answer to the woes on the class that could be seen against the Lakers in the playoffs. He can run the floor, get some alley oops the old Tyson way and stretch the floor, because of his shooting ability! He could play 3, 4 and 5 depending on match-ups! Get him!

  4. crazyb1125

    June 29, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    I agree with NM-aka-YM77 we should let Bellini & Green walk so we could have more money to get Nick Young and a player like “MT5”, because they won’t target him because they have a PERSONAL problem with him. I think it was just BU::SH%* that they said he had no defense. that’s why your the coach to teach him about it!! as for old republic I think we should go after A.I., the thought of having him on the team as a role player would be good, and now he don’t mind being that!! as for T-Mac, and VC, both of them would want to be the starters and when they can’t get that it will cause conflict and chemistry damage to the team, so forget those two! also what we could do about MT5 is sign him and nick Young now when you think about it then if he and Monty still don’t get along trade him and Ariza for top 5 type SG,SF, or C (Monta Ellis, Andre Iguadola, or Dwight, Howard) anyone of those Dudes at the Trade deadline in February. if we already have signed A.I. and put him with A.I.2. that’s chemistry right there. Also I still think we should trade Okafor and a 2nd Round DP to washington for Javale McGee. nobody’s gonna change my mind about that decision, and give one of our Back-up centers and/or our 1st round DP for DeAngre Jordan!!!! our line-up at the end of the trade deadline could look like this, and all mystery player that I haven’t said will either be still on the team, resigned which I know Carl Landry will be or/and will be known as (DL) D-Leaguers, and (UDP) Undrafted Pick:

    PG: Chris Paul, Jarett Jack, DL???, A.I.
    SG: A.I.2, A.I., David Lightly (UDP)
    SF: Nick Young, Q.Pondexter (if not traded), (DL???)
    PF: Carl Landry, DL???.
    C: Javale McGee, DeAngre Jordan, M.Banga, (D.Anderson would be Traded 4 DAJ)

    What do you think of this DEAL Or NO DEAL the price is right with this MILLION dollar questions!!!!!

  5. cp3pdx

    July 2, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Nick Young looks like a maggetteish ballhog to me. Then again, with his shooting touch, it might be a risk worth taking. And I cant wait to play the Old Republic too.

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