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  • In the N.O. Episode 66: An Inside Look at the Trade Deadline with Dan Purcell

    Shamit & Mason interview Dan Purcell, a former Pelicans basketball operations manager who spent several seasons with the team. They get an inside look at the thought process behind the trades, how deals develop, and have some very interesting draft talk. 

  • In the N.O. Episode 65: Trade Deadline Primer

    Shamit and Mason discuss potential Pelicans players on the market and work their way through mock trades, giving their predictions as to what will happen by Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

  • In the N.O. Episode 57: McNamara Returns to Talk Trades

    The ever mysterious Michael McNamara returns to discuss how the Pelicans should approach the upcoming trade season.

  • In the N.O. Episode 37: The Anthony Davis Trade Draws Closer

    Shamit and Mason evaluate what will happen next in the Anthony Davis saga and how David Griffin is handling his first off-season in New Orleans. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify RSS Feed Direct Download Blue Wire Network

  • In The N.O. Episode 36: The Pelicans Begin Listening to Offers for Anthony Davis

    Shamit and Mason break down the theory behind various AD trade packages and attempt to quantify the value that each team can provide. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify RSS Feed Direct Download Blue Wire Network

  • In The N.O. Episode 25: Listener Mailbag

    Shamit and Mason answer your questions about the Pelicans. Will Jrue Holiday finish his career in New Orleans? Who are some free agent big men that the Pels should consider? AD trade packages? Ja over Zion? (Yes, that last one was an actual question asked.) Find out their answers to those and more on this […]

  • In the N.O. Episode 18: Anthony Davis Media Mania

    Shamit & Mason react to how hilariously the media activity around Davis’s trade request has unfolded. They analyze the best offers, how the Pelicans are leveraging the media, and what to expect at the deadline. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify RSS Feed Direct Download Blue Wire Network

  • In The N.O. Episode 16: Should The Pelicans Become Sellers?

    Your favorite Pelicans podcast duo quickly recaps recent games, discusses Anthony Davis missing out on the starting nod for the 2019 NBA All-Star Game, and decides how the Pelicans should operate going forward given the recent slate of injuries. As a bonus, find out what each of them would do if the Pelicans happen to […]

  • The Writing is on the Wall; It’s Time for the Pelicans to Sell

    Two Games under .500 with a brutal 12 game stretch facing a Pelicans team that was finally completely healthy. That was the situation the Pelicans were in after beating the Cavs for a second time in a week on January 9th. Though the upcoming schedule was tough, the prevailing wisdom that this Pelicans team could […]

  • Trades, Trades, Trades

    Yes, it’s that time again. The NBA’s trade deadline is just three weeks away, and the worst kept secret in the NBA is that Dell Demps is working the phones in an effort to improve the team and keep Anthony Davis long term. As usual, the Pelicans first round pick is on the table and […]

  • In The N.O. Episode 12: Anthony Davis and his Future

    Shamit and Mason give their perspectives on the media’s Anthony Davis coverage before laying out how they think the future could look for the Pelicans if AD is eventually traded. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify RSS Feed Direct Download Blue Wire Network

  • In The N.O. Episode 11: A Look Upstream and a Dive into the Trade Pool

    Shamit and Mason head out on the Oregon Trail to talk about fording potentially treacherous Rivers, hunting Bucks with limited ammo, and visiting the community’s trading post. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify RSS Feed Direct Download Blue Wire Network

  • Trade Targets Part II: Zig While Others Zag

    When you are a small market competing with 29 other teams, you need to find market inefficiencies. Either anticipate where the game is going next and/or grab up undervalued pieces while your opponents have their eye on another prize. The former is hard to do in a market with so many smart executives, but the […]

  • Q-Pon Coupon Trade Candidates for the Pelicans

    Last week, I wrote about the Pelicans’ $3.85 million trade exception obtained via sending Quincy Pondexter to the Bulls last summer in a move to clear salary. In it, I mentioned that the team would likely only use it if Boogie ended up elsewhere and the Pelicans didn’t sign-and-trade him for a player (or players) […]

  • How to Use the Pelicans’ Q-Pon Coupon

    The NBA free agency period is fast approaching, which means that the Pelicans’ front office members have probably hardly slept recently. As is the case for most seasons, there are a great deal of variables at play; as such, the team has surely built out a multitude of scenarios, flowcharts, and other far more technical […]

  • Using the Buddy Hield TPE

    As I wrote about earlier this week, an optimal way for the Pelicans to add talent without giving up a player or triggering the hard cap is by using one or both of their traded player exceptions accumulated over the past year. One of them (received in exchange for Buddy Hield) would allow New Orleans […]

  • Manipulating the Pelicans’ Glass Salary Ceiling

    Required reading before continuing: The Pelicans’ Glass Ceiling, by Jason Calmes Thanks to the diligence of Bourbon Street Shots’ own Dr. Jason Calmes, we now have a firm understanding of the ramifications of Jrue Holiday’s new contract with the New Orleans Pelicans. Though Jrue’s contract “only” contains $126 million in guaranteed money, the additional $24 […]

  • Preying on Desperation

    The Pelicans have not met expectations this season. As they currently sit 3.5 games out of the playoffs and 4 games out of a bottom 5 record, the Pelicans are perhaps in the worst spot a team can find itself in. Nevertheless, this ball club has won 6 out of its last 8 contests and […]

  • Pelicans Fill Backup PG Void with Trade for Norris Cole

    The Pelicans entered the day with few expecting them to make any sort of move at the 2014-15 NBA trade deadline. Around 2 PM, Dealer Dell struck again, as he was able to turn John Salmons’ $2 million expiring contract into a serviceable backup point guard, nabbing Norris Cole from the Miami HEAT in a 3-team trade with […]

  • Understanding the Trade Market: The Layers of Asset Values in the NBA

    “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray   This little quip from Mr. Wilde would eventually be co-opted to mock economists as people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. For non-economists, the point of this phrase was […]