Free agency and one opportunity for improvement

Published: June 28, 2011

I’m not looking at restricted free agents, because you almost certainly have to overpay those guys to get one and I won’t do that!

List of interesting (unrestricted) free agents 2011

Glen Davis – in the case West and/ or Landry are gone. Disslike!
Joel Przybilla – true center, but deffinitely no difference-maker. Disslike!
Tyson Chandler – better take him if you get him! I like!!!
DeShawn Stevenson – good defender/ three point shooter. The mavs needed him as a role player and he was able to deliver in that role. I like!!
Tracey McGrady – can he turn into a role player? If so, get him! Disslike!
Yao Ming – at the right prize, but he won’t be a 30+ minutes guy. I like!
Shannon Brown – constant starting SG? Maybe not! But brings enough tools to justify a signing. I like!
Micheal Redd – same like Yao, but sometimes you have to take a risk to get something in return. I like!
Kris Humphries – solid back-up, but no upside, no offense moves! Disslike!
Samuel Dalembert – bad character? True center, good athlete. Only alternative to Chandler (based on abilities). I like!
Alexis Ajinca – Best Upside of this years unrestricted Free Agents. No Center(although 7-2)! More of a (very) big SF. I would try to get him as a SF/ PF! I like!!!
Steve Novak – he can shoot! But what else? Disslike!
Josh Howard – why not? I like!

Ok, I could have dissliked the rest of the free agent crew, too, but I just tried to figure out the most interesting guys of this years group first, and then rated them by their usefulness.
The nba’s unrestricted free agents have one thing in common. They are all old! That’s a result of the restriction after a rookie contract of a first round pick expires!
There are only few slightly younger unrestricted free agents and the only one that is worth looking at is Alexis Ajinca. I believe Greg Oden is another guy I didn’t mention, but I wasn’t sure about his status, so I left him out.
Getting some of those old guys isn’t a very lucrative thing to me. Posey and Peja are still in my mind as a costly bad example. After the team didn’t draft last week, it would be nice to take a chance at one or two players, that weren’t able to show up in their carreer so far. Ajinca is one, who is affordable and possibly very useful. You just have to take him as he is to get something in return. No, he won’t ever bulk up and bang with Dwight Howard at center. He just isn’t a center at all. Maybe the team could get another guy like that via trade. It’s the best chance for improvement, and maybe the only one, too. Quality players at an affordable prize just won’t come to NO!! And generous owners will neither! The team already has enough veterans, let those old men get their pension elsewhere! The team can’t do it the way Dallas did! Of course, there are a lot reasons why Ajinca is probably a complete bust. To anticipate those comments, I have to mention the name JJ Barea. For somebody who was proclaimed as too small for the nba some years ago, the pest was a pretty good asset on the Mavs’ championchip team. It’s possible to work that way! Be smart Dell Demps!

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  1. crazyb1125

    June 28, 2011 at 10:09 am

    that was a good post but I don’t know it kinda looks like all hope is lost! something big needs to happen. some people is losing faith that we could keep this team together, and with us being a small market team, and still having no NBA OWNER. its hard to say what we can do to make a difference!!! I still love the hornets always and forever, but I pray to GOD that something big happens to get us a big name on our team. I mean we lost WEST (for now), about to lose Paul (Next year if we don’t improve), and we are not attracting anyone to our tea. Can someone cheer me up with some HOPE??!!!

  2. 42

    June 28, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    In theory we’ll have trades this year, a draft, and the start of free agency to improve the team.

    So even better, yeah?

    • crazyb1125

      July 8, 2011 at 5:24 pm

      thank you 42 I know I can count on you to make things better! that is a bright side to it. I just hope this stupid lock-out end already. I heard the lock out in the NFL suppose to be over by this tuesday or wednesday. The fans don’t want to see selfish owner and overpaid players whine about a lock out. we want to see players playing and the field and owners taking care of their organization!!! so PLAY BALL!!!

  3. Zwie

    June 28, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Joel Przybilla as a backup center – i Like.

    A little bit old in age, but as a backup? more than competent.

    I wouldnt mind Yao on this team either, at the right price, he could be a legit backup center. Plus that is the role he needs at this point in his career. But i highly doubt of all 30, teams. he chooses NOLA. (thats if he even decides to continue his career)

    im still in that mindset of “Win and be tall”

    Just look at the mavs: Starting Center – Tyson, backup center – Haywood.
    and behind Haywood was Ian Mahinmi. All above 6’11

  4. Carpo

    June 29, 2011 at 3:09 am

    I want ajinca, I’d pay more for him than smith mbenga or even gray

  5. mark

    July 3, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Alex Ajencia is the kind of cheap project that will probably be a bust; yet the Hornets should take a shot at. We are always so worried about being good, that we overpay for good veterans and wind up being simply ‘good’. I’d add Josh McRoberts to that list. We want to get longer. His numbers are steadily improving. Plus he has a high ceiling due to his athleticism and range. he could catch a CP3 lob, he’s long, young, cheap and improving.

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