Published: April 16, 2011


Yes it is possible for the Hornets to advance to the 2nd round.  Here’s how we’ll do it:

Monty sits on the bench and his roll is listener and communicator not thinker.  Monty will not decide on any plays.  In case anyone has forgotten, Mbenga was with the Lakers last year for their championship run, therefore Mbenga’s greatest asset to the team right now is his knowledge of how Phil Jackson and the guys think during playoffs.  Mbenga will feed his knowledge to the coaches and the team at practices.  Mbenga will guide the team through the same rituals as “the zen master” uses.  Mbenga is not the only current Hornets’ player to have advanced past round one in the playoffs, so let’s pick those guys’ brains.  How’d their teams do it?

When it comes game time, the coaches will be CP and David West.  With CP’s quick thinking on the floor Monty has to give up control and hand the reigns over to CP.  West will sit between Monty and the other coaches.  West is the go to man for plays on the floor so why shouldn’t he be our go to man from the bench?  Monty will listen to what West has to say and communicate it to the team, he will not add in his own opinion.  All the players have great respect for CP and West so let them take control.

It will be a rough 7 games but the Hornets have got this round.

Geaux Hornets #nolaimin

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