Tag: Playoffs.

  • In the N.O. Episode 70: March Mailbag

    Shamit and Mason tackle the litany of Pelicans related questions you sent their way. No pod is devoid of some hot takes, so tune in to find out where your least favorite podcasters stand.

  • In the N.O. Episode 69: Zion Meets the Lakers and More

    Shamit and Mason recap the recent slate of games, including the two match-ups against the Lakers. They discuss what the team needs to accomplish going forward to make the playoffs, and then have some fun with hypotheticals.

  • In the N.O. Episode 61: Zion’s Return and Playoff Hopes

    Shamit and Mason discuss what the Pelicans’ roster and rotations should look like around Zion given his pending return, and then debate whether or not the team’s playoff hopes are still alive.

  • In the N.O. Episode 54: Are the Pelicans Playoffs?

    Shamit and Mason look ahead in an effort to figure out what the rotation will look like when everyone is healthy, then discuss if the Pelicans are a playoff team and what it will take to get there.

  • In The N.O. Episode 16: Should The Pelicans Become Sellers?

    Your favorite Pelicans podcast duo quickly recaps recent games, discusses Anthony Davis missing out on the starting nod for the 2019 NBA All-Star Game, and decides how the Pelicans should operate going forward given the recent slate of injuries. As a bonus, find out what each of them would do if the Pelicans happen to […]

  • Thoughts on Round 2 Versus the Warriors

    The New Orleans Pelicans officially usher in Round 2 of the 2018 NBA Playoffs tonight when they play the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. The Warriors have the clear advantage in the series, but they are not invincible. You’ve seen good analysis from Pellissier on this, and I’ll touch on that and a few other […]

  • Things to Watch in the Pels-Warriors Series

    Jrue Holiday at the rim Jrue is playing at the highest level of his career, mainly because of his newfound ability to finish at the rim. This can be attributed to multiple things: cleaning up his handle, more space to operate, an increased focus on finishing with his left hand, and an increased use of […]

  • In the NO Pod Ep. 311: Brooms! Brooms!

    A sweep! Michael and I get to break down quite possibly the most exciting results we’ve had since starting the Pod! We break down what went right, marvel at having three legitimate MVP players for the series (Mike and I stake out our position on them) and I trash Portland. Cuz screw those guys. We […]

  • The Night the Pelicans Planted Their Flag

    April 19, 2018 – It is a date to never be forgotten in the cultural history of the great City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana and Gulf Coast region. The sixth seeded New Orleans Pelicans of the NBA’s Western Conference went from national media whipping post to precious darling seemingly overnight as they jumped out […]

  • Trail Blazers Game 2 Changes

    What do you want to see more or less of in Game 2? 42: I want to see better rebounding. I have been beating the rebouding drum all season, but it really shows how important rebounding is against the Blazers who are both good it at and rely on it, especially when Lillard and McCollum […]

  • Reactions to Game 1 v Trail Blazers

    What is your reaction to Game 1? Mason: Incredibly fired up. The Pelicans played three consistent, solid quarters, which gave them just enough buffer to withstand a predictable home team 4th quarter surge. AD and Jrue were everything we expected them to be, Niko and Rondo shined in their Pelicans playoff debuts, and the team […]

  • Round 1 Predictions

    How does this series go? 42: Pelicans in 7 is my prediction. Following that are Pelicans in 6 and Trail Blazers in 7. I think Jrue has a couple good defensive games and he makes the difference, a couple games where Davis looks like a man who really hates sandals with socks. Levy: I predict […]

  • Keys to Round 1

    What is “a” or “the” key to the series with the Trail Blazers? What is something else to keep an eye on that might be under-discussed? 42: I think the key to the series is rendering Nurkic ineffective. Whether this is Davis or Mirotic just outplaying him on both ends, whoever frustrating him, putting him […]

  • The Dawn is Coming

    On March 31st, I booked a flight back to New Orleans landing at 7:20 PM on April 23rd to surprise my mother for her birthday on the 24th (today). At the time of my purchase, the Pelicans were 2 1/2 games back of the 42-32 Thunder at 39-34, so having the opportunity to also attend New Orleans’ […]

  • Easy Adjustments the Pelicans Can Make To Win Game 3

    With their first round series shifting homeward the New Orleans Pelicans find themselves in a must-win situation. Yes, no one expected them to win this matchup but getting swept would put a slight dent on an otherwise very good season. And getting knocked out of the playoffs while at home is something no fan wants […]

  • Pelicans Battle Tremendously, but Fade Down the Stretch in 97-87 loss to Warriors

    If you are not extremely proud of this Pelicans team after watching the game tonight, then stop reading now, because you must be on the wrong team’s website. For 44 out of 48 minutes, this 45 win, 8th seed New Orleans team battled the 67 win, league-best Warriors to practically a draw (88-86). For the last four minutes, a lack of experience, […]

  • Learning from the Warriors’ Losses

    The Golden State Warriors finished the 2014-15 regular season with 67 wins and 15 losses, easily the best record in the NBA this year. That level of dominance certainly makes the Pelicans’ chances of victory appear bleak, as teams experiencing that level of success generally don’t possess many weaknesses. The beauty (pain?) of facing a team with […]

  • Pelicans return to the Post Season by ending Spurs Win Streak

    Every team that makes the leap has a few moments you can look back on and remember clearly.  Games or moments that tested their mettle and honed them rather than broke them.  I can’t predict the future – I thought we were experiencing this back in 2007.  This could go that way and be soured – […]

  • Red Out, Pelicans In

    The biggest games in Pelicans franchise history are (in very specific order): Pierre’s post beak surgery game, the first ever Pelicans game, tonight, then tonight again. It’s important the Pelicans make the playoffs in 2015. But it’s more important that New Orleans shows up early to see what happens in person. There’s two games tonight, […]

  • Nothing But a Good Time

    In just under 20 hours, the New Orleans Pelicans will be in the 2015 NBA Playoffs, or the New Orleans Pelicans will not be in the 2015 NBA Playoffs. In either case, there’s plenty of time to discuss why the one that will happen actually happened. I’m sure it will be wonderful when those articles […]