Get Better, Emeka!

Published: February 5, 2011

Although Jason Smith and David Andersen are playing well offensively in the absence of Emeka Okafor, they don’t have the same presence in the paint as Mek. As long as Okafor is out, we will still be lacking that force in the paint that other teams fear. Emeka plays such a huge role for this team. Hes a very good at setting screens and taking high percentage shots (2nd in the NBA in FG%). Aaron Gray might be a big body like Okafor but other teams aren’t as scared of getting their shot blocked by Gray as they are of Okafor. David West has also improved on defense but he’s still not as defensively talented as Okafor. With all this being said, EMEKA, GET BETTER! We need you as the anchor for the best defensive team in the NBA. I think I speak fo all Hornets fans when I say, we miss you and get better!

From, asumas8.


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