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  • Pelicans take a step towards identity

    For most NBA teams in a rebuilding year, it typically takes at least a month before visual evidence of a defined identity begins to appear on the court.  For the New Orleans Pelicans though, there is already evidence of a dramatic shift in identity as the young squad under new coach Stan Van Gundy is […]

  • In the N.O. Episode 53: The Improvement of Jaxson Hayes and JJ Redick

    Shamit and Mason talk about the Pelicans’ recent improving play, focusing on Jaxson Hayes and JJ Redick. We discuss what these guys are doing effectively and their roles going forward, and then wrap up with a preview of the Pels’ upcoming schedule.

  • In the N.O. Episode 52: The Pelicans Win Their Second Game

    The Pelicans have won their second game. Can they replicate the process for more wins? Is Kenny Hustle the key to unlocking the starting lineup? Has anybody been good at defense? All that and more in this episode from Shamit & Mason.

  • In The NO Episode 10: Scrutinizing Schemes, Rationalizing Randle, and Theorizing Trades

    The Pelicans continue their up and down trend, so Shamit & Mason are back to talk about it. What are the Pels trying to do schematically, what is preventing them from achieving sustained success, and how should Julius Randle fit into the team’s short-term and long-term plans? Tune in to find out. Listen on iTunes […]

  • In The N.O. Episode 9: Defense, Davis, and Andrew Harrison?

    Shamit and Mason discuss what’s wrong with the Pelicans’ defense, how much blame AD deserves for the team under-performing, and react to the Andrew Harrison addition as the news breaks. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify RSS Feed Direct Download Blue Wire Network

  • Jrue Holiday 2018 Defensive Highlights

    Jrue deserves to be First Team All Defense this year. The Pelicans are a whopping 9.2 points per 100 possessions better with Jrue on the court – this surpasses DPOY candidates like Joel Embiid and Rudy Gobert Jrue leads the league in blocked shots for a guard 6’4″ and under How good has Jrue been […]

  • Film Study: Pelicans’ Transition Defense

    Earlier this month, I shared the biggest issue holding the Pelicans back from competent defensive metrics: their transition defense, specifically after missed shots. However, that article only covered the “what”, not the “why.” So why are the Pelicans having so much trouble stopping opponents from scoring after their own missed shots? Speculation based on eye […]

  • The Pelicans’ Defense: Lost in Transition

    It is no secret that the Pelicans have really struggled in preventing opponents from scoring this season, but simply stating that fact gets us no closer to figuring out why. The team’s high turnover rate obviously plays a part, but there is more going on here – thanks to some new stats coming from CleaningTheGlass.com, […]

  • Rajon Rondo and the Pelicans’ Struggling Defense

    Whether you want to use the “eye test” or the actual numbers, it is clear that the Pelicans have benefitted from Rajon Rondo’s presence on the offensive end of the court. The team’s offensive rating with Rondo on the floor is 6 points per 100 possessions better than when he is on the bench (106.1 […]

  • Grainy Defense

    [youtube id=”INZsZPbLdSQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]   “What’s the basketball vision right now? What kind of team are they? We don’t know.”   It took until the last day of the regular season, but by the time the dust settled on April 15th, 2015, the New Orleans Pelicans found themselves in possession of the final seed in […]

  • A Holiday Weekend – How the Former Allstar Will Immediately Help the Pelicans’ Defense

    During last week’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, the best word David Wesley and Joel Meyers came up with to describe Jrue Holiday’s offense was “smooth.” After the game Alvin Gentry praised the “flow” of the offense throughout and even went on to say it was their most complete performance of the season. Yes, […]

  • Darren’s Detailed Defense

    The Pelicans had offense in mind when they hired Alvin Gentry. However, offense was not Gentry’s main concern when answering questions at his introductory press conference. When asked about what he needed to do in New Orleans to get a Pelicans Parade down Canal St. Gentry answered: We have to become better from a defensive […]

  • The Pelicans’ Surprisingly Reasonable Path to a Top-10 Defense

    As we all know, the Pelicans have again endured countless injuries which have again derailed the team’s quest for its first playoff berth since Chris Paul left town. Despite this recurring theme, New Orleans has maintained a top-10 offensive rating this season (hovering right around 105 points per 100 possessions), a remarkable feat when you consider who the […]

  • Weakside Eyes for Your Ears

    ((Gerry is not only writing articles, but he is also delivering short podcasts here at Bourbon Street Shots. We posted these in the open thread the other night, but here they are again in case you missed the update. More to come. Enjoy. — 42)) Not one, but two short audio clips from Gerry V: […]

  • The New Orleans Pelicans’ Biggest Problem

    I am about to introduce a ground-breaking concept, so prepare to be amazed. In the game of basketball, there are only three ways (excluding the clock expiring at the end of a quarter) that a possession can end: a made shot, a missed shot + defensive rebound, or a turnover. The defense’s objective, therefore, is […]

  • Offense isn’t the Problem and Opponent BS Rate

    Everyone always spends a lot of time talking about offense.  We rail at players shot selection, wonder why Jrue doesn’t generate more free throws, boo and hiss at the jumpshots of Evans and Aminu.  We complain when there’s little ball movement and stare dumfounded when our guards drive one on two on a fast break […]

  • The Pelicans Defense – and why they can’t hold a lead

    The season is young, and game to game numbers can shift fairly dramatically as the Pelicans run into teams that are hot – or not – or having babies like they did last night.(Congrats, Z-Bo!)  As the Pelicans stand today, they are scoring 104.4 points per 100 posessions – and giving up 103.3 points per […]

  • Beneath the Screen: Anatomy of a Defensive Breakdown

    I wanted to switch gears a little bit this week and focus on defense. This season, the Hornets clearly have not played up to the level that their defense-first head coach would expect. The Hornets currently rank 29th in defensive efficiency, giving up 110.1 points per 100 possessions. According to mysynergysports.com the Hornets rank 28th […]

  • The Hornets are not a good Defensive Team

    At least the Hornets are one of the top defensive teams, right? Not so fast!

  • Why you should appreciate Ariza

    This play from Friday’s game against the Wolves just stuck in my head.  Maybe two months ago, I was on the Podcast saying I was done with Ariza.  This play is a perfect example, however, of why I should have swallowed my tongue, and appreciated our starting small forward. Ariza is the guy who chases Beasley […]