The Hornets beat the Kings

Published: November 21, 2010

I hope none of you had invited friends over to watch that game in the hope of interesting them in Hornets basketball – because it was as ugly a game as we’d had all year – and we’ve played Milwaukee twice.  Of course, I can’t complain, because they shot 32% for the game and won 75-71(Box Score).  Man, I’m glad they have a solid defense, because otherwise this was ugly.

The Hornets ended up relying on their defense for points, getting fast break scoring off of anticipation, steals, fast hands, and generally fighting hard all game.  Then, after having kept in reach all game, the executed just enough on the offensive end to seal the deal.

I’m not sure what it was.  Maybe it was fallout from the trade.  Maybe these players don’t mix with an early starting game – the Hornets have been terrible in recent memory in early afternoon games.  It doesn’t matter, good teams find ways to win.

David West

West was brutal all the first half, unleashing every move he had and missing every shot.  Part of it was him being bothered by Dalembert, but he also blew some shots that he usually makes.  Despite his struggles, he was still working hard in the fourth, showing hard on screens and getting back to his man.  Landry simply couldn’t get anything going on him.  Then, of course, came the final plays of the game.

For the fifth time in the last two seasons, West showed just how smart a player he is, anticipating the guard and stripping him on their last real chance to come back.  West does that a lot.  Fast hands.  Great anticipation.  He sandwiched the steal with a pair of 18-footers in the CP3-West two man game that sealed the game.

Trevor Ariza

Ariza was the only player who seemed able to attack and get somthing going.  His drives generally got him good shots or good passes, and he was hitting his threes.  He covered a lot of ground on the defensive end, and made several plays to keep the Hornets within touch of the Kings all game long.  In a knock-down-drag-out game, it was key to get contributions like this from him.

Other Observations

  • Okafor had nothing going for him.  Dalembert(With Donte Greene’s help defense) was snuffing everything he put up, yet the Hornets kept going back to him.  It was a bit cruel.
  • Was anyone else befuddled when Ariza hit that three to end the first half and the Hornets were tied?  I couldn’t remember anyone but Jason Smith making shots.  Where did those points come from?
  • Speaking of Jason – his little six-point burst in the first half was huge, keeping the Hornets in it.  He also kept chasing down offensive rebounds and brought his usual great energy.  It was nice to have something off that bench.
  • Take Smith away, and the bench shot 3-15 with 6 turnovers.  Of course, a lot of that was Willie Green, who couldn’t get free and finished with his second game of the year shooting 1-9.
  • Paul struggled with his shot, finishing with 9 points on 2-12 shooting, 7 boards, 14 assists, and 5 steals.  He wasn’t really attacking, and I can only remember him weaving into the paint once the entire game.  I feel like I missed something there.  Was the Kings defense good on him – or was he just somewhat passive?
  • Marcus Thornton got some burn, but didn’t get much going in his limited minutes.  Part of that was Willie calling his own number over and over though.
  • Marco didn’t do anything fantastic in that game, but his defense made me smile.  He kept making Evans rush his shots and even when beaten made him go faster than he wanted by pressuring him from behind.

11-1.  Clippers tomorrow night.  Let’s hope we see more energy.


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