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  • Coach Willie Green is the Pelicans’ best asset and he needs to be given patience and time

    It’s Saturday night and I’m watching the New Orleans Pelicans cut a New York Knicks lead down to five while a fierce battle happens in the fourth quarter on a night Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson are not playing. Second-round pick out of Alabama Herb Jones is harassing Julius Randle, Kira Lewis Jr. is running […]

  • Dunk That Sh!t: New Star

    42 Dunktastic Superstardom

    Every team has a bench, and on that bench there may just be the next superstar . . . but it’s likely that the backup just hasn’t been exposed as not being worth the role of backup . . . As I sit here at Highland Coffees in Baton Rouge with my ladyfriend and the guy that chose […]

  • New Orleans Hornets Defeat The Suns Behind Willie “Money” Green

    The New OrleansHornets beat the Suns 109-97 behind an automatic Willie Green and an aggressive Trevor Ariza to win their third straight game. The win is their sixth of eight since losing David West to a season ending injury, and provides even more hope that this Hornets team is still capable of a playoff run. […]

  • Paul, Hornets Falter Late in Loss to Rockets

    The Houston Rockets beat the Hornets 91-89 behind a stupidly efficient night by Kevin Martin (33 points on 15 shots), a not so efficient night from Chris Paul (6 points on 2-12 shooting), and an over-reliance on Willie Green in the fourth quarter. If those three things never come together during one game again, it […]

  • Hornets Ten Game Winning Streak Box Score Bomb

    As the Hornets look ahead to Sacramento in hopes of extending their season high ten game winning streak, we are going to take a look back at how the individual players performed in their previous wins. These are all the typical box score numbers from the past 10 games. Without further adieu, let’s jump right […]

  • The Little Things

    It seems to me that almost everyone agrees that the greatest area of need for the Hornets is among the bigs, yet far more bytes have been spent on talking about the `littles’ of late. As a result of this seemingly paradoxical behavior, I’ve compiled a little data to generate some structured discussion of our […]

  • 43 Minutes of Crunch Time

    That’s how much basketball we have watched with less than five minutes left on the clock and the Hornets within five points of their opposition. Those 43 minutes have arguably been the biggest of the year for the Bees, as they have determined games, momentum, a power ranking ascension and decline (unless Marc Stein really […]

  • The Hornets beat the Blazers

    The Hornets got back to their winning ways tonight as they delivered a nutshot to the MASH unit masquerading as the Portland Trailblazers.  Oh wait, that was Brandon Roy delivering the nutshot to teammate Rudy Fernandez midway through the game while going for a loose ball.  It looked pretty ugly. Regardless, that play was the rest […]

  • The Hornets beat the Heat

    That was enjoyable as the Hornets beat a badly depleted Heat team 90-76.(Box Score)  For most of the game, the Hornets held a comfortable lead – except for the stretch where Bosh got hot and put the Heat on his back.  It still bugs me that people dismiss him.  The dude is an efficient scorer. The […]