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Pelicans’ Success Has Earned Fans the Right to Dream Big

Published: June 13, 2018

By now you have probably seen the massive Twitter tidal wave of New Orleans Pelicans fans calling for LeBron James to consider, at the very least, taking his talents to South Bayou.

The idea holds its roots in fantasy and comedy, but now it has spread through the fan base like wildfire and it has some believing that it could be a real possibility. What started as a small blogger movement, the dream seems to have wings now. Once Jarrius gets ahold of something, we’re talking next level realness.

Let’s also not forget, New Orleans will also accept Paul George, please and thank you. Someone sound the horn and assemble The Hot Boys, Mannie Fresh, Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Emeril Lagasse, Ms. Linda’s Yakamein and that dude from Arcade Fire because we have a freakin’ pitch to make.

Now that locals have bought in, the national media is starting to look for a nibble. Check it out below!

This is amazing, right? EVERYONE is happy about the excitement, right?

Well, you’d think so. For reasons it’s hard for me to understand, I have actually seen a portion of Pelicans Twitter discouraging and discrediting fans that want to be a part of the #LBJ2NOLA movement, calling the sentiments impossible or even imply that it’s stupid.

Look, the most committed Pelicans faithful weren’t born yesterday. They aren’t stupid and they know that LeBron James, or even Paul George, is kind of a long shot. What they would like to know is why the other portion of the base hates fun? Every offseason, members of a major market fanbase throw out the most ridiculously annoying scenarios, and they are relentless about it. At least what #LBJ2NOLA is trying to do is just recruit a free agent, who happens to be the free agent. They aren’t plotting to discredit a franchise and force a trade for anyone’s cornerstone (*Cough* Boston, Warriors).

Pelicans fans have watched on the sidelines while Lakers, Warriors, Celtics, Heat, Rockets and even Thunder fans get to have all of the fun. It’s time for them to represent their city and get in the game because their team has earned them their right.

Sure, the Pelicans cap situation is, um, not great. But this is the NBA where sign-and-trades and working a soft cap can make creative ideas possible. There are slim chances to take avenues that make these moves happen. Just check out this spreadsheet by @ben_alterman in which he lays out a scenario where the Pelicans acquire both LeBron James AND Paul George.

This specific plan is highly unlikely, but Ben tells me he made this plan just to prove the fact that you can make the money work. It’s not impossible. If fans and bloggers can find ways to make the money work at their non-jobs then why shouldn’t we believe that NBA general mangers have yet to find the math themselves?

Why is it that Houston faces a terrible cap situation every offseason and yet they are floated as a media choice free agent destination? Don’t forget James’s choices to sign with Miami and return to Cleveland both came at kind of a surprise. Players control more destiny than realized sometimes. Cities like Houston are mega markets and New Orleans is not, I get that. But “doing it big” has finally “taken flight”.

Why is it so out of the realm of possibility that the world’s best players would want to play with another one of the world’s best players in Anthony Davis? Davis is coming off a season where he finished as a MVP finalist for the first time in his career, and he’s only 25 years old! Davis and guard Jrue Holiday also finished for First Team All-Defense. If you want a shot at the Golden State Warriors, why not join a team that’s a budding Western power? The Pelicans have the right tools to compete with the Warriors, they just need a talent boost. James could add to his legacy believing that.

Ultimately, most Pelicans fans totally get that acquiring a league star is unlikely this summer. They’re content with the ones they have. It’s just that fans experienced one of the most successful rides last season, and they are tired of being left out of the national conversation. If media wants to hand out the wildest of LeBron/PG offseason theories as much as Oprah likes to give away free cars then why doesn’t New Orleans get a mention? They feel their team is good now. Give them respect.

#LBJ2NOLA is not rooted in realism or fantasy as much as it is about highjacking the narrative to force the nation to realize that they are a presence the Western Conference has to deal with right now. The movement is radical. It’s punk rock, it’s gangsta rap and it’s protest art.

Stop ignoring the Pelicans and never disrespect Anthony Davis.


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