A Coin Flip and an Interview

Published: February 4, 2018

Allow me to introduce A. Levy. He is a local artist (information and a song follows) who is a passionate and informed Pelicans fan. Here is the first of his contributions here. Be sure to check out his information and music below.

42: Austin, I know we both believe this team can work, but to me, right now, I feel like no matter the opponent, good or bad, it’s just a coin flip. Do you agree, and what will realistically change it for the better?

A. Levy: Improving the defense will bring us to the next tier in the West. Our offense was already top-5 with Cousins. Maybe with the return of Solomon Hill and another trade we can remedy our poor defense.

42: Yeah, I think the defense has to be the focus, and it is a personnel problem. I think Hill coming back and improving things is pretty likely. I’m not sure about another trade. For now, let’s take that off the table, then come back to it. If there is no trade, who do you look to play more and play less when Hill returns?

A. Levy: We can say goodbye to Rondo and we’ll see a lot less Cunningham. They’re good guys but are too limited. Rondo is too small and slow at this stage in their careers. Cunningham is a try-hard guy but shouldn’t be in the rotation if we want to go to the next level. We can finally see Moore play at his right position. Solomon Hill coming back will fix a lot of issues.

42: That all makes good sense to me, and I agree with you about Moore’s position. He is versatile, but that does not mean he needs to be out there consistently against the very good, bigger wings. We set aside trades for a minute. Let’s pick it back up. Who is the best player you can stomach walking away in a trade? Do we need to do something like that this year or just get fill-in pieces by the deadline?

A. Levy: A big name starter is probably off the table for us. I’d love to get Kemba Walker but the competition will be steep. George Hill, Collison, Ricky Rubio, Dinwiddie would all be good guards if we can add them. I don’t think we need another small forward unless Hill has a setback. If we do a fill-in, it would be more worth it to get a waiver wire guy or see what Frank Jackson can do for us. Defense can’t be much worse then what we currently have.

42: We’ll see if Dell does a deal or can grab a guy after buyouts. I’m looking for more of and edge-type move. Thanks, and we’ll talk again after the deadline. Good luck with the new album coming out.

A. Levy (@alevyworld) is a multi-award-winning hip-hop artist and New Orleans native. His new album Reparations will be available 2.16.18 featuring the single “Love You” which is currently available on YouTube.

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